Monday, August 25, 2008

Writer's Block

There is a reason that I have not posted in such a long time.

I have "writer's block".

Not really sure why...
but I do.

Maybe the adrenaline that held up and kept me going through Jonathan's coming home from Iraq - and then the wedding - and then the women's banquet that quickly followed - when it (the adrenaline) was gone ... it was GONE.

Haven't really felt that tired - but just have no thoughts. Guess I am brain dead. LOL

You know - that is not so funny - because it really is so true.

Maybe more will be coming soon.

Love and Blessings,


Mitzi said...

I know you have been busy and your mind probably needs a rest after buzzing for so long.....But I do miss your blog and your always helpful "words of wisdom". I get writer's block sometimes also.

Krista said...

I had writer's block for the last week but I am coming back around this week. Take time to refill your thoughts; you've been going on overdrive!

Then...we'll be waiting for your encouraging thoughts and words to help us through our days!

Love and lattes,

Tricia said...

I am praying for the block to lift... but I completely understand!


Cindy said...

I have missed your posts but surely understand the place you are at.
Looking forward to your return.

Just Me'n Mine said...

Hi DeeDee,

I have just stumbled upon your blog and am so glad to have done so!

The picture from the wedding is so beautiful! I really thought it might work out for us to come, but we were actually driving home from Virginia that day. I did think of you all, and pray for you as we were driving.

I have a poem that I wrote for Jonathon and Brooke, before the wedding... :( I would still like to give it to them but need to print and frame it first.

I also found Julia's blog today. It makes me miss yall very much.

I know this is a really long comment...okay, regarding writer's about..."this too shall pass."?

Oh, and I LOVED your 100 things post. It made me laugh and almost cry and miss you even more.

One day, I am going to get to sit and talk to you for as long as I want. :)

I love you!