Thursday, July 26, 2007


Ok Ladies,

I have been praying and thinking and thinking and praying about how to approach this last topic from the quote.

"It is the event that should determine every other decision that child will make--from how she will spend the Sabbath to how she spends her money, from her choice of clothes to her choice of a husband...."

Her choice of a husband.... We certainly should teach this truth to our daughters and to the young ladies in our lives that we may influence. Their salvation should help determine their choice of a husband. We can speak with authority from the Word of God that he should be a Christian. A Christian girl is not to be unequally yoked with a non-believer. But not just a Christian...he should be a Godly man...that she can respect...because if she does not respect him, then how will she ever submit to him? He should be a leader for her. He should have a vision of his mission in life. She should share the same mission. If they are to be "one flesh".... they need to be on the same page for their lives together. Individuals - yes - but on the same journey to be like Christ and to serve Him together with their gifts and talents. Their jobs/vocations will certainly be different. I am not talking about that. I mean their vision for serving the Lord. However, with that in mind, we need to also remember that this is a process - for all of us- men and women alike. We have not "arrived" - we are just on the journey. God is not through with us yet - so make sure that we also teach them to see the potential in the person. We should ask the Lord to help us see them through His eyes. It sure helps to keep us from gaining a "holier than Thou attitude".

But for this blog...most of the ladies who come and visit with me are already married. Your choice of a husband has already been made. So with that in mind, I really want to go in a different direction and add some other thoughts. "It (our salvation experience) should determine every decision that we make...." Like how will we treat our husbands? How will we honor them? How will we love them? How will we "do them good and not evil" all the days of our lives?

That is where I am going on the next few blogs... but have to go for now... My precious grandbaby is awake and needing me :)

Maybe I will be back later tonight...while the thoughts are flowing!

Let me know your thoughts, I love hearing from you...
and if you want private discussion, you are welcome to email me.

Blessings to you all,

Monday, July 16, 2007

My Choice of Clothes

So...I continue from the last blog. (If you have not read it - then please go there first!)

"It is the event that should determine every other decision that child will make--from how she will spend the Sabbath to how she spends her money, from her choice of clothes to her choice of a husband...."

My choice of clothes - not only the ones that I buy - but also what I will wear today. Ladies, we need to make sure that we are modest in our dress. Now that does not mean that we cannot be "cute". Just modest. My ladies know that "I love me some Chicos" (on sale of course!) but we must always remember that this too is an area in our lives that reflects our relationship with our Savior. I am not free to wear anything. I am bought with a price.

I remember hearing Bertha Smith speak at a Southern Baptist Convention years ago and she shared that she prayed about what to wear everyday before she got dressed. Have you ever done that?

Makes me think of a Friday morning when I was working for the Dean of the School of Education at Samford. I had only been in that office for a few days. I remember thinking, "Today is Friday - it is casual dress today." (not jeans casual - just more casual than the rest of the week) As I picked out what I was going to wear, it seemed as if the Lord was telling me to wear this really dressy pant suit. Now, I would like to tell you that I had prayed - and that I was listening - but that is not so. I actually stood there in my closet and argued. "Lord, I do not need to be that dressy today. Today is Friday. I can dress down a little today."
But, the uneasiness in my Spirit would not leave. So, I reluctuntly put the pant suit on and went to work. When I got there - they were already busy preparing for the day. I asked what all the frenzy was about - and they informed me that the Governor of a neighboring state would be coming that day. We were hosting a small reception for him in our office. I nearly shouted "Thank you Jesus! You knew that I needed to be dressed up - and You cared enough to not let me wear the wrong thing." I probably would have gone home - I know I would have been uncomfortable.

Regardless, it taught me a lesson - Bertha Smith had it right. God knows what we need to wear today! And He cares. The question is - Do we take the time to ask?

My salvation experience should determine every decision that I make - even the choice of my clothes to purchase - and then the decision of what I will wear today. Oh, Father, help me to honor you in every area of my life...even the trivial ones.

Thoughts about our husbands coming next --- that, my friends, may take more than one :)

Blessings Ladies!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

More on Freedom

I want to share a quote from the book, The Legacy of Biblical Womanhood, by Susan Hunt and Barbara Thompson. Speaking about a granddaughter making her "profession of faith"...

"It is the event that should determine every other decision that child will make--from how she will spend the Sabbath to how she spends her money, from her choice of clothes to her choice of a husband. This milestone calls for a pull-out-all the stops celebration..." (pg 16)

That leads me back to the last blog...and where my thoughts have been...and trying to put it in words. Freedom in Christ - but yet a slave to Him. I heard someone say that to be discreet (which is in the list of things that the older women need to be teaching the younger women) means to voluntarily place limits on my freedom. I am not free to go anywhere. I am not free to do anything. I am not free to say anything. I am not free to wear anything. I am bought with a price...I need to live as such.

So, back to the quote from the book. Our salvation is the event that SHOULD determine EVERY decision that we make. How we spend the Sabbath. Do you remember when churches gave awards to people with perfect attendance? (showing my age huh?) But how sad, that is not important to Christians anymore. I remember one year awards...two years...three years... How long has it been since you had perfect attendance? So....How do I spend my Sabbath? Whatever is convenient for the day...hummmmm. Does our salvation determine how we spend the Sabbath? Or has society? You have to determine that.

Our Salvation is the event that SHOULD determine EVERY decision that we make...How we spend our money....ohhhhh, do I even need to go there - especially in the summer- ???? Is the tithe first...or the leftover (after vacations)? Is giving to someone in need even a part of our budget? Are we so in debt for "stuff" that we could not give if we wanted too? And then there is the building fund.... we want the buildings, we want the staff, we want the air conditioning, we want the furnishings, we want the programs....oh, but let someone else pay for it, huh? Am I getting myself in trouble?

Well, that is the first two from the quote. I think I will stop today...and see if anyone responds...what are your thoughts? Freedom in Christ. Discreet. Voluntarily placing limits on my freedom. Salvation - it SHOULD determine EVERY decision that I make.

Next I will address our clothes and our marriage....
Blessings to you all,

Sunday, July 1, 2007


Sunday July 1, 2007

Getting dressed this morning in my "cute" patriotic jean jacket - home alone - my thoughts were racing.


Our Flag represents freedom. The Red, White, and Blue. Many over the years have fought for that freedom. Many have given their lives. Today, my son is not here worshipping with us for that very reason. He is serving our country. He is preparing to go to war. He is one of the ones presently defending this freedom that I am talking about. So, today, I get dressed, get in my car and go to worship. No fear - No threats - No worry - free. I hang a flag from my porch (now with at yellow ribbon at the base) and Thank the Lord for what it represents. I often sing "that is my flag, that is Old Glory, long may She wave!"

But that leads me to the next thought -

Freedom in Christ.

I have freedom because of the price that Christ has paid for my sins. Now before I go any further with my thoughts....I need to tell you that my husband preached a wonderful message on this very thing. Liberty - freedom. (So on a side note- you can hear his message- mp3 format. Go to the website - and download it)

This will probably be my topic for the next few days....Our freedom in Christ...

But before I go for this evening...I must tell you that my precious baby granddaughter has a "cute" patriotic jean jacket just like her MommaDee. You should have seen her! :)

More thoughts coming later-

Have a blessed week!