Monday, March 22, 2010

Daily Quiet Time

This morning, while reading Secrets of the Vine (by Bruce Wilkinson), I came upon this:

"Some Christians I know try to have their meaningful personal times with God just before bed, but I have yet to find a respected spiritual leader throughout history who had devotions at night. Unless you get up early, you're unlikely to break through to a deeper relationship with God."
p. 107-- italics mine)

Personally, I know that I do better in my day, in my attitude, in my work, and in my relationships when I meet with my Savior first. However, I have said many times to many people - whether in face to converstation, or in class discussions, or even in teaching a seminar-- that it does not matter when you have your devotion/quiet time. The key is just that you DO IT.

But, I am challenged by this. I am going to be looking up - yet again - the "rising while it is yet night" and the "early in the morning" passages from scripture. Also, I want to do some research of men and women of the faith who have faithfully walked with God and thus made an impact on this world. (in THEIR world)

Not that I am trying to disprove the statement made by Wilkinson, I am just quite intrigued and challenged by it. Perhaps, it is the gentle hand of my Savior to once again bid me to get up and meet with Him early EVERY DAY on a consistent basis. A time set aside that is not determined by the night before, or the weekend, or the busy lifestyle that I mentioned in my last post, or the..... whatever.

I am sure that I will be back with you on this one...
But in the mean time, I would love to hear your thought and your devotion times...

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Life is Busy

It is an EXTREME understatement to say that life is busy. And has been for quite some time...

I knew that January would be eaten alive. There is always time needed for recovery from the Christmas/New Year’s Holidays. Then this year we had two weeks with my Jon home. We took him back to the airport and then had the final preparations for the Couple’s retreat which was held in Gatlinburg the last weekend of the month. And *poof* January was GONE.

What I did not realize is what would happen to February. For some reason, I did not anticipate the counseling that would be needed after we got home. I should have – because it always happens after/during a Bible Study - and with Satan’s attack on the Home as it is – I should have expected the needed times for talking after a retreat on the Home. So I ask you to be praying for several who are working through some hard stuff – and for us as we try to minister to them.

ALSO in the month of Feb – Our church family had two deaths. One with cancer and then one in a tragic automobile accident. We are honored to be able to be with these families during these hard times – but we also covet your prayers for us too. It is our desire to be there for them and to help bear their burden.

Now, it is middle of March – and yet another death. Another battle lost to cancer. Another family grieving. This makes six funerals in the past 5 months for our church family.

I said life has been busy. But in reality, I think it is more applicable to say it has been draining. Physically draining. Spiritually draining. Emotionally draining. Some very high - Highs. And then some very low - Lows. Does that make sense?

Now, I have not even mentioned Hal's trip to Haiti in the midst of all of this. I hope to get him to blog about that soon.

Also, I have several other blog posts just holding on and waiting for me to have the time to put them here. Hopefully, it will not be too long.

But for now... I think I shall go to bed.

Sweet Rest for my body... for my soul.