Monday, July 16, 2007

My Choice of Clothes

So...I continue from the last blog. (If you have not read it - then please go there first!)

"It is the event that should determine every other decision that child will make--from how she will spend the Sabbath to how she spends her money, from her choice of clothes to her choice of a husband...."

My choice of clothes - not only the ones that I buy - but also what I will wear today. Ladies, we need to make sure that we are modest in our dress. Now that does not mean that we cannot be "cute". Just modest. My ladies know that "I love me some Chicos" (on sale of course!) but we must always remember that this too is an area in our lives that reflects our relationship with our Savior. I am not free to wear anything. I am bought with a price.

I remember hearing Bertha Smith speak at a Southern Baptist Convention years ago and she shared that she prayed about what to wear everyday before she got dressed. Have you ever done that?

Makes me think of a Friday morning when I was working for the Dean of the School of Education at Samford. I had only been in that office for a few days. I remember thinking, "Today is Friday - it is casual dress today." (not jeans casual - just more casual than the rest of the week) As I picked out what I was going to wear, it seemed as if the Lord was telling me to wear this really dressy pant suit. Now, I would like to tell you that I had prayed - and that I was listening - but that is not so. I actually stood there in my closet and argued. "Lord, I do not need to be that dressy today. Today is Friday. I can dress down a little today."
But, the uneasiness in my Spirit would not leave. So, I reluctuntly put the pant suit on and went to work. When I got there - they were already busy preparing for the day. I asked what all the frenzy was about - and they informed me that the Governor of a neighboring state would be coming that day. We were hosting a small reception for him in our office. I nearly shouted "Thank you Jesus! You knew that I needed to be dressed up - and You cared enough to not let me wear the wrong thing." I probably would have gone home - I know I would have been uncomfortable.

Regardless, it taught me a lesson - Bertha Smith had it right. God knows what we need to wear today! And He cares. The question is - Do we take the time to ask?

My salvation experience should determine every decision that I make - even the choice of my clothes to purchase - and then the decision of what I will wear today. Oh, Father, help me to honor you in every area of my life...even the trivial ones.

Thoughts about our husbands coming next --- that, my friends, may take more than one :)

Blessings Ladies!


Lara said...

Ms. Dee Dee, just wanted you to know I have just discovered your blog & have REALLY enjoyed reading it. I think I can learn a lot from you :-) I can't wait to hear what you have to say about our husbands :-)

DeeDee said...

Thanks Lara....these next few should be fun! :)

Jessica r said...

Praying before you get dressed is such a good idea. Who knows but that it might just keep us from changing outfits 5 times in one morning!

Oh, and just so you know, the plans for Sunday have changed to allow us to be there for both SS and "big church." So, I guess I don't feel as bad after all. The Lord worked that one out for me.

DeeDee said...

Yes...I need to remind myself of this especially on Sunday mornings. That seems to be the time that I can go through the whole closet :)

and...glad that the plans changed - for your sake you gal!

Tricia Schmid said...

Hey DeeDee
This little passage from my devotions this morning made me think of your blog and I wanted to share it, it is from Experiencing God Day by Day by Henry Blackaby & Richard Blackaby from July 21;

"When you become a Christian, Christ's presence will affect every part of you. You will have new thoughts, new values, and new sensitivities. ... When you become a Christian, God gives you a new heart so that everything becomes new! God gives you a new mind, like that of Christ, so you think differently. He gives you new emotions, so you feel deeply about completely different matters. You become sensitive to sin, so you are no longer comfortable with it. Your recreation will be affected as you are made aware of what is honoring to God and what is not. Your relationships will now be guided by the Holy Spirit. Destructive habits and attitudes, previously immune to change, will be transformed."

I think about that quote you shared with us quite often, and oh how I want my relationship with Christ, my salvation, to have an influence in every single thing I do and say, and every decision I make.

Seeking Him with you!