Sunday, July 1, 2007


Sunday July 1, 2007

Getting dressed this morning in my "cute" patriotic jean jacket - home alone - my thoughts were racing.


Our Flag represents freedom. The Red, White, and Blue. Many over the years have fought for that freedom. Many have given their lives. Today, my son is not here worshipping with us for that very reason. He is serving our country. He is preparing to go to war. He is one of the ones presently defending this freedom that I am talking about. So, today, I get dressed, get in my car and go to worship. No fear - No threats - No worry - free. I hang a flag from my porch (now with at yellow ribbon at the base) and Thank the Lord for what it represents. I often sing "that is my flag, that is Old Glory, long may She wave!"

But that leads me to the next thought -

Freedom in Christ.

I have freedom because of the price that Christ has paid for my sins. Now before I go any further with my thoughts....I need to tell you that my husband preached a wonderful message on this very thing. Liberty - freedom. (So on a side note- you can hear his message- mp3 format. Go to the website - and download it)

This will probably be my topic for the next few days....Our freedom in Christ...

But before I go for this evening...I must tell you that my precious baby granddaughter has a "cute" patriotic jean jacket just like her MommaDee. You should have seen her! :)

More thoughts coming later-

Have a blessed week!