Saturday, June 30, 2007

We Need Each Other

Women need women. (Men need Men too) That is a fact. I have just had a wonderful Women's Ministry Leadership Team meeting. It was long - but I think that we accomplished a lot. However, the main thought on my mind tonight after all of our how much we need each other. Let me explain a little if I can...

Sometimes, the need is for counsel. We need Godly counsel. Oh that we would always surround ourselves with Godly people to point us to the Word. People who are not afraid to warn us. People who truly love us - warts and all. Oh yes, we need Godly counsel.

Then there are times that we need teaching. We can study on our own...but we need to learn from others too. We need people/teachers who will take us with them to the feet of Jesus.

Other times, we just need fellowship. Fun, Food, Fellowship - filled with love and laughter! We need to "let our hair down" without fear of rejection. Some time to just be me! No masks, no fear, no worry. Oh, doesn't that sound good?

Often we need someone to listen. Listen to all of our details. Women like details. And we often need someone who cares enough to listen to them. That will sometimes lead us back to the first need - of Godly counsel... but not always. Sometimes - just listen.

Prayer. Oh, what a need. Someone who will tell you that they will pray for you...and they actually do it. Or better yet....they pray with you now. We may not always be able to give an answer...we may not always be able to give counsel... but we can always pray.

Oh, and we need accountability. What more can I say? Accountable. Would that one thing keep so many of our present day troubles away? When we begin to isolate ourselves from the people who know us well, and love us.... trouble is lurking around the corner.

I am sure that there are many more....but my tired mind tells me to quit here...and see if you have any to add.

We need each other....



Anonymous said...

good stuff mom - - Julia

Jessica K said...

I wonder why it's so hard for us to admit we need those things? I think I'm always afraid of being rejected once the "more godly" women really know me. Maybe most people don't feel that way, but that's me.

Jessica R. said...

You are such a wonderful writer, Mrs. DeeDee! I think I see a new branch in your ministry forming here. :) I have learned so much from you over the years, and I look forward to learning even more as I read your blog. Thank you for sharing your heart with us.

DeeDee said...

Thanks girls....

Julia - just want to say that I am missing you bunches.

Jessica K - that is what I am talking about when I say we need fellowship - real fellowship and being able to take the masks off with no fear of rejection.

Also, I am learning that the more that we allow ourselves to be vulnerable and transparent - the more that the people around us are free to do the same. It is hard to get there...but worth the effort. Does that make sense?

Regardless, don't worry about the ones who you make think are "more godly" judging you. For if they do, they are the ones with the problem... :)

Love you gal and hope to meet you here often!

Now, Jessica R - thank you too for your comment...and who knows where this will take me... join me along the way!