Wednesday, June 27, 2007

My Various Blog Rolls

I wanted a way to post all of the blogs that I enjoy/recommend. The side-bar was not big enough :) So, I have divided them up. (and might I just add that this is a LONG process - so if you are not listed yet in one of the catagories - please email me (halanddd (at) charter (dot) net) and let me know - it would certainly help in the process. I am not intentionally leaving out any of you - my blogging buds. And of course, for any new readers out there - please let me know if you would like to be added to one of my blogrolls.
My Family Blogging
Jenifer's Photography @ Reflections Photography
Hal and DeeDee @ Helping Homes
DeeDee's Devotions @ Holding On
My Friends Blogging
(the ones I REALLY know) :)
Jessica @ Just Jessie
Melissa @ Splashes of Joy
My dotcom Friends Blogging
(the ones I have met face -to - face) :)
Robyn @ 3 Girls MOM
Sophie @ boomama
Katherine @ Grass Stains
Lora Lynn @ vitafamiliae
My dotcom Friends Blogging
Chickadee@ A Familiar Path
Christi @ Blah Blah Blog
God's Girl @ heaven's journey
Jenifer @ By His Grace
Leah @ The Point
Mrs. N @ All that NAZ
Rebekah @ Mundane Musings
Sharon @ By His Grace
Tammy @ Greek GRITS
Ministry Wives Blogging
email me @ to add you to this list
Amy @ I'm Free from South Carolina
DeeDee@ No Greater Joy from Alabama
Susanne @ Truly Captivating from South Carolina