Saturday, September 19, 2009

Back to School?

Visiting with some of my favorite people in this world last night...

Just a small part of our conversation was about a friend of theirs who has gone back to school to get his Doctor of Missions....

Made me start thinking about going back myself....

Here are my thoughts and questions:

(1) What is the real reason why I would even want to do such?

(2) What would be the REAL benefit for my life/ministry?

(3) What degree would I even want?

(4) How in the world would I pay for it?

(5) Am I willing to make the necessary adjustments in my life to do so?

(6) What does the Godly counsel in my life think?

I would love for any and all of you to leave me a comment... your thoughts?



Susannah said...

Hi Dee Dee. I just saw your question on Twitter. Thanks for asking.

I did go back to school at age 50, and absolutely loved it! If you enjoyed school as a young person, you will too.

Being on campus with all those college-aged kids felt very natural, because my own children were that age, and I understood their culture.

I took a night program designed for working adults (I was a WAHM) and completed a Certificate in Christian Faith & Practice at our local Christian University... all the theologcial basics without Hebrew & Greek. (Achieved my BA as a young person.)

This was a wonderful way to wet my feet again academically before doing a MA--yet to be started.

If you have any interest, you can read about my experiences here.

God bless you... I encourage you to just DO it!

e-Mom @ Chrysalis

Beth Herring said...

Oh precious sister in CHrist - if the Lord has laid this on your heart then go for it! He will provide and He will work out the details.

Praying with you in this time of decision.

Susan said...

DeeDee, I want to encourage you to do it unless you get a very real "no" from God. Here's why...I've been toying with it for YEARS now! I want to get my PhD or EdD. I keep standing in my own way and I keep thinking if I'd have just started when I started thinking about it, it would be under my belt and able to open some doors for me.

Praying for you as you make this decision.


Consider It All Joy said...

I've been away for awhile.

Praying all is well.

Here is my new blog address:

Blessings, Cindy

Linda said...

If you did go back to school what would be your ultimate goal?

Next question is how does your husband feel about it?

Just curious, but how old are you?
I don't know why that would matter, but it did cross my mind.

And finally I would just say to keep praying about it with your husband and family. I will pray too. I love you in Christ.

Blessings from above!

Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

Tricia said...

My thoughts are...

Maybe you could take the time you would spend in school and working on school stuff and write a book. I think you could write a wonderful book, and we could all benefit from all the wisdom we get from reading it... that is just what initially came to my mind when reading this post, but I will join you in prayer regarding whether or not this is the direction God has for you... what a big decision :)


Christina Berry said...

I say go back to school ONCE you decide what you want to do with your life. A year and a half ago, I went back to school (in an adult evening program), working on a marketing degree. I attended for 4 terms before I realized, I don't want to be in marketing all my life (it's what I currently do at my job). I've not returned since, because I just really don't know what God wants me to do. I've got a few ideas, though, and I'm pursuing more information about them. I figure, once I know for sure, then I'll get serious about continuing my education.

It is an adjustment, though. You're right about that. But I really believe if you're dedicated to it, you'll make it work!