Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Do You Set Goals for Yourself?

This summer I set two. A physical challenge and a spiritual challenge.

Both required discipline.

I decided to challenge myself to read the New Testament in 90 days. I had heard of a program called "B90X". Extreme Bible reading. There are some who have taken that challenge and actually read the entire Bible in 90 days. I decided to start with the New Testament. Hal and I have read the entire Bible each year for several years now. But this would be a new challenge. I printed my plan to keep in my Bible and began August 1st.

The second challenge for me was a physical challenge. For some crazy reason, I decided to train to run with the goal being a 5k run in our city on Oct 30. I used the "Couch-to-5K" program. This too began on August 1st.

Since I have read my Bible consistently for years, the challenge was just to read MORE each day. And to be consistent.

But the running was a different story. This was new. I mean VERY new. As in, I have NEVER run. I had thought about it some. And this past year, when some friends at church began running, I thought about it some more. But I had been able to talk myself out of the idea. I had convinced myself that since I was 52 years old, that I did not even need to start. But while reading a blog one day, the writer was talking about the benefits of running- and that he had started running at the age of 52. hummmmm.

Maybe I could.

I heard a speaker recently call that a God parade. When He starts moving in our lives - and we have that parade of things that lead us in the direction that He wants us to go. My last excuse was my age... until I read the blog of someone who began running at my age.

The first week was "do-able". The second week was ok - but the first time that I had to run 3 minutes, I thought I would die. But I kept training. At least 3 times a week, I ran. Doing exactly what the program told me to do.

I iced my 52 year old knees when I would get home. I bought some better shoes. I did exercises to strengthen the knees and to stretch the legs. I read articles about how to run.

And on October 30th, I ran the 5k. I am slow, but my goal was to run the entire race. And I did.
And the crazy thing is, I even won in my age division.

Sometimes it pays to be old.

It always pays to train for the race set before us.

This week, I had someone ask me which goal was harder. I had to think. The run was a real challenge. But the warfare that happens to keep us out of the Word was extreme. Regardless, I finished BOTH.

Today, I am thinking about what new goals I need/want to set. For I know this... if I had not set the goals, I would not have accomplished either.

Do you set goals for your life?
Would you share?


Tricia said...

Proud of you DeeDee! My goal is to start walking soon so I can start running again and then we can go run together sometime!

Another goal is to start getting up early again and having my quiet time at the beginning of the day rather than the middle or end, with my pain and then the surgery and recovery, mornings were not so good... but now they are much better so I have no excuse!


Linda said...

Hi DeeDee..Congratulations on reaching your goals. I have never been good at setting goals. I want to try to start walking again to help lose some weight. And the last time I set goals to do that I got a neck injury and hurt my foot really bad...and never could do what I had planned. I could barely move.

Now I am doing better and your post has made me want to take another shot at it.


Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

Tammy said...

I just finished Day 1 of Week 7 of C25K!!! I can run 25 minutes.....without needing medical assistance!

Who the heck knew?! :-)