Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas

Just a quick little post - to tell you all what happened this morning...

We had just finished opening up all of the gifts. Paper and stuff still all over the room. And in the quietness of the moment, I said, "it would be PERFECT if Jonathan could call right now." It was only a minute (if that long) and the phone rang and IT WAS HIM. Calling from Iraq!!!! Now, how wonderful is that?

He had a 1000 minute phone card - a gift sent to him and we are so thankful! - (which in reality is only 90 international minutes from Iraq) - and I think we used the whole card. We all talked and passed the phone around. He could not be here with us... but we were able to talk to him.

Once again...so thankful for technology.... and the gifts that allow us to connect across the miles.

Blessed beyond measure!

Merry Christmas!


brantley said...

I didn't realize my pants were high-waters.....well, I may have to do something about that! :)


DeeDee said...

I think that the pants leg is pushed up :)... but if you want some new jeans...I bet I know where you can go and buy ANY pair that you want :)

Tricia said...

Hey DeeDee
I am so glad you all had a wonderful Christmas and that you got to hear from Jonathan! I think Brantley was happier than anyone else, she has the biggest smile on her face!! Brantley your beautiful smile is all I saw, I didn't even notice your pants were high-waters!!


Anonymous said...

I'm glad your Christmas was so happy, and how great that Jonathan got to call! Ours was fantastic, but exhausting. Kinda glad it's over!

Son, Brother, Fiancee, Friend, Soldier said...

i didn't notice either! but at least i made the picture! that's me on the phone in brantley's hand! HAHA from way over here i had to be different!!!! i love yall.