Thursday, December 20, 2007


Often you hear people talking about multi-tasking... especially women/wives/mothers.

Well... my newest feat is MULTI-EMOTIONS. I am completely full of several at once these days. Sometimes that is why the unexpected overflow (you know how they just spill out of our eyes).

First, and most importantly, at this time of year... I am full of Thankfulness. It starts in November with Thanksgiving and just keeps going right on into December.

And as we begin to decorate the house with lots of candles and lights (and sing "Jesus, the Light of the World"), I am full of thankfulness for God sending his Son to be our Savior "Jesus,the Light of my Soul". I am thankful for the Light sent to this dark world. I am full and I sing.

As I begin to buy presents for our family and friends... I am full of thankfulness for the precious treasures that they all are in our lives and the Joy that each one brings in their own special way. I thank the Lord for the gift of Love.... it fills my heart and I sing.

As I go to church and hear the Christmas Carols from young and old alike... I am full of Thankfulness for my church family...and I sing with them.

As I make the preparations for Christmas morning...for the entire family to be together (except our Jonathan this year)... I am full of thankfulness for the provisions that we have and the precious time that will be spent together. And I sing. "Jesus, I just want to Thank-you!"

The next emotion welling up in me is excitement. I am so excited. I get excited about Christmas. The whole season. I love the decorations... and the shopping.... and even the wrapping (after it is done). I love the cooking...the candy... the songs - even the silly ones - And I especially LOVE my family coming to my house.

MawMaw and PawPaw will come on Christmas eve and spend the night. MaMaw will come on Christmas Eve and then come back on Christmas Morning. Jen, Andy, Aubrey and Emmie (their dog) will come on Christmas morning. We are hoping that Brantley will be able to come after having Christmas with her family :) And Julia and Ronnie are COMING from Virginia. They will get here on Saturday and they will stay with us until Wednesday!!!

I am so excited - what is the saying?... I am just beside myself! I can hardly wait.

I thought it was hard when I was little... I think it just gets harder. I absolutely love them all coming. We will eat breakfast at 9:00. Then we open the presents. There are stockings hanging in front of my fireplace for everyone (complete with names on them). They will be filled to the rim. (We have all been really good this year!) We will give and receive presents from each other. Our living room will be filled with paper/ribbons/boxes and of course, the presents. You will not be able to see the floor!!! We will laugh and share and give and have a wonderful time together as a family... and I AM EXCITED just thinking about it... and preparing for it. Let's see - could we sing "Over the river and through the woods to MommaDee's House we go..."

Then the next emotion that I am juggling is sadness. Even in the midst of all of the celebration and the love and the fun and the laughter and the goodness... just thinking about Jonathan not being with us makes me SO SAD. As I have posted many times already, we are so proud of him. We are so thankful for all of the troops that make the sacrifice of time away ... so that we can continue to be free. But regardless, it makes me sad. I sure hope he will be back on his base so that maybe we can have some SKYPE time and see his smiling face. But if not, maybe if he can get through, we can at least have a phone call to pass around the room. (We did that when Julia was in Germany.) It is not the same as them being with us...but it sure helps.

Oh, Jonathan, we love you and miss you so much. All the time, but especially during the holidays. You make me proud... but I am still sad.

And if I had time to write about more... there are other emotions mixed up in with these three... but these are on the top. And often overflow.

I sing... I get nervously excited... I cry. Sometimes all at the same time. I think that is MULTI-Emoting (?)


Anonymous said...

I think that's a great word for it "multi-emoting." I feel the same, though some of the reasons are different. I think I'm more excited than the kids, if that's possible! If only I didn't still have two gifts to knit and three to sew, I would feel a lot better!!

Jeff Keith said...

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and for being so transparent. I hope you have a Merry Christmas! I am very thankful for your son who is protecting us so we can enjoy this season without fear of attack from terrorists. He will be blessed for his sacrifice. We will continue to keep him and the rest of your wonderful family in our prayers!