Saturday, March 22, 2008


Happy Easter Morning.

Sunday morning has arrived.

Low in the grave he lay, Jesus my Savior.

Waiting the coming day, Jesus my Lord.

UP from the grave, He arose.

With a mighty triumph o're his foes.

He arose a victor o're the dark domain.

And He lives forever with his saints to reign.

He arose, He arose!

Hallelujah! Christ arose!

  • Hide some eggs or better some eggs. - Chocolate eggs, boiled (and dyed) eggs, deviled eggs, jelly eggs, Cadbury eggs (yummm).

  • Get dressed up in some new clothes (or some old clothes)...

  • Go to the "tent of meeting" and worship your Savior with your brothers and sisters in Christ. And with the many others who only come to church on Christmas and Easter. Now, don't criticize them- they may be searching for the Savior. Regardless, they need to be there. Maybe they will meet Him face to face.

  • While you are there....."Let your light so shine"- someone may need to see the Jesus in you.

  • Sing the songs and celebrate the risen Savior!

He arose! He arose!

Hallelujah! Christ AROSE!

Christmas was the promise.... Easter is the proof!


DeeDee said...

Happy Easter morning Jonathan...
Worship your Savior today - somehow - someway! And call or skype if you can. We miss you! and love you so much!