Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Only Real Peace...

Welcome to TUESDAYS TOGETHER (in the WORD). # 24

I am so glad that you have joined us.Our goal/purpose is that we are reading God's Word and we are sharing with each other a "nugget" of what we are learning. Join with us - at any time. We welcome your comments and/or your thoughts of what you have read and/or your link to your blog post. You do not have to be a "blogger" to join in on the encouragement and sharing together.

This week our reading (as posted on the sidebar under the button) was from Hebrews 1-6; Psalms 56-57.

Once again the passages this week applied to our present situations.

Ps 56:8

"You have kept count of my tossings; put my tears in your bottle.

Are they not in your book?"

Such sweet comfort to know that He sees our tears...He knows the hurts of our hearts. And he records them. He knows...

Ps 57:2

"I cry out to God Most High,

to God who fulfills his purpose for me....

(3b) God will send out His steadfast
love and His faithfulness."

And even as I cry out to God, I can know that He is fulfilling HIS PURPOSE for me ...

But not just for me but also for my sweet Julia and Ronnie as they go through their miscarriage of their first baby... for my Jonathan and Brantley as they go through another deployment.

God wraps us in His love and His faithfulness

Ps 57:9-10

"I will give thanks to you O Lord,

among the peoples;

I will sing praises to You among the nations.

For Your steadfast love is great to the heavens,

Your faithfulness to the clouds."

So, my response is still to be thankfulness. Praise. His love is great. He is faithful to us.

And that my friend gives me peace. Peace in the storm.

Years ago a precious friend sang this old gospel song:

The Only Real Peace that I have, dear Lord, is in You,

The Only Real Peace that I have, dear Lord is in You.

With all life's frustrations, I need You, I know I do..

And the only real Peace that I have dear Lord is in You.

And last but certainly not least...

I just had to add Hebrews 4:14-16 too. We DO have a great High Priest, who is able to sympathise with our weaknesses... and we can approach His throne of Grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need.

Going to the throne... cause I NEED a good dose of HIS Mercy and Grace.

Going to the throne...

Now, your turn.

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Tricia said...

So good DeeDee, and such good truth... so thankful He is your peace in the midst of life's hard times, and so thankful you are willing to share with us even when it is hard...

Lots of love... and I can't wait for tomorrow!! I pray you are feeling much better today!


Jennifer said...

I absolutely LOVE that idea that God fulfills His purpose in me!! I was looking forward to participating yesterday - and then the internet was down! Will surely be back next week!

Meredith said...

Sweet Comfort indeed!! Thankful there is always the throne!!