Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Book-A-Holic...

I mentioned a few weeks ago - the need to clean/organize/declutter my study. And even though I have had short moments to begin the work, it is has been very minimal - until yesterday.

But as you know, it is tax season. The necessity to get all of the stuff together to take to our wonderful accountant is what MADE me get in that room and really do some work.

And the first need was accomplished. The tax folder is loaded and ready to go.

Much of the clutter is filed away. Lots of it went straight to the trash. But the needed filing is certainly better - and what is left is in a tray "to be filed".

But the real meat of this post is to confess that I am a book-a-holic. And that was also the cause of much of the disaster of that room. So, as I worked, I began to stack the books that I have purchased in the past year - that have yet to be read. All the while I was wondering where in the world I would put them. I did not want to just put them on one of my bookshelves (AS IF there is any room on the shelves).

Maybe I need to mention here that another bookshelf is on the purchase list...
And maybe there will be enough of a tax return to purchase it... just maybe.

However, I decided to take the books that were in stacks and bags in my room, and put them on the top shelf of the computer desk. This would be my "to read" section. There are 28. That should keep me busy for a while huh? My goal is to read them ALL this year. 2010.

How - I ask myself? Our lives ARE busy... but there IS time. I just need to manage it better. I keep thinking about the quote that I read once that said, "A person who CAN read and does no better off than a person who CAN'T read at all." So, that shelf full of books is of no benefit to me - if they just sit on the shelf.

The first on my list is "Grand Weaver" by Ravi Zacharias. I had to make myself put it down to write this blogpost. I am sure that there will be quotes and thoughts about it that I will want to share with you along the way. It has already pricked at my heart...

So tell me...What are you reading? I would love to know...


Tricia said...

I am reading that very same book DeeDee... James got it for Christmas last year, and he just recently finished it so I have now started it. I didn't feel right reading it before him when it was his gift, so I waited till he was finished : )

I am just one or two chapters in, but so far I think it is really good...


Linda @ Truthful Tidbits said...

I hear Ravi on BBN (the Christian station I listen to) He is so very good and I love to listen to him.

I get most of my books at our library. I buy them sometimes, but I am out of room too...and no place to put another bookcase.

Good work going through things and getting ready for taxes. My hubby does the I let him go through everything.

My chaos at the moment is my crowded closet that I need to re-do.

I hope you had a nice Vaslentine's Day.

Have a good week.
Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

Linda said...

Oops...of course I meant Valentine's...not Vaslentine's teehee

TIFFANY said...

I just finished The Shack yesterday. Before that I read The Last Lecture and Ninety Minutes in Heaven. I was reading He Loves Me, but I put it down for some reason. Guess I'll have to pick it back up tonight. I'm planning a trip to the library this week to pick up some new titles.

Meredith said...

My stacks of pretty unread books have frustrated me so since John Ryan was born. I love to read and I just can't seem to get it together. I'm glad I am not the only one who struggles with this. I will try to do better. Thank you for the inspiration.

Joyful said...

Hi DeeDee,
I just found your site, through a process of other sites. I like the look and feel of your blog.

I have a few books I am reading and wanting to finish.

I am almost finished with `She said Yes` by: Misty Bernall

I just finished two books and did a review of them.
(1) `Dancing with My Father` by: Sally Clarkson
(2) `Mother-Daughter Duet` by: Cheri Fuller and Ali Plum

I am in the process of reading `The Prodigal` by: Beverly Lewis

Happy Reading!