Friday, September 28, 2007


Interesting comparison -

When my uncle was drafted and sent to Vietnam, Granddaddy had a phone installed. Now, it is not that they could not have had a phone earlier - he just saw no need. But when his son was being sent to the other side of the world - the need arose. Just perhaps, he would be able to call home. So, they installed the phone. I do not remember whether he ever had the opportunity to call or not. Regardless, communication is so important with the ones we love and we usually do what we have to in order to have the opportunity.

Fast forward to today. I have bought a blackberry phone. Not that I could not have gotten one before now. I just have never wanted one. Oh, I have heard the raves about blackberrys - and about anyone who ever uses one - are given the name "crackberry" because they become addicted to it and love it so! But until my son was sent to war - I just never saw a need. However, now I want to be able to get emails sent directly to me - wherever I am. So, I begin my journey with my blackberry phone. I am still learning. But I can answer the phone, I can send emails and I can receive emails. Communication is so important with the ones we love and I have done what is necessary to have that opportunity.

Makes me so thankful that no matter how much technology changes, when I take the time to meet with my Heavenly Father - I do not have to figure out anything new. I just sit and read His Love Letter to me. Or, I just bow the knee. Or, I just cry out - Oh Father - and he hears me when I pray. Communication is so important with the One I love. How precious that the God of the universe, the Creator of it all, the Sovereign Lord, The Prince of Peace, the Alpha and Omega, The Great I Am (and I could go on and on with His names) - how precious that He meets with me - He listens to me - He talks to me. Whenever, Wherever, However - Oh, Thank you, Father. Communication is so important with the One we love and we need to do what is necessary to take the opportunity.

Communication - so important


~*Country Dawn*~ said...

Can you believe I've never even SEEN a Blackberry??? :x

But a big thank you to your son for his service and to you for your sacrifice in letting him go...

DeeDee said...

lol - I am a believer now (blackberry)- if you ever get one - you are hooked. But it took this event for me to want it :)

Thank you for the support.