Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Time for an Update

Not really sure if I am up to writing yet. But feel the need for at least a little update.

We had a wonderful visit with Jonathan home. Having the entire family together is such a blessing. I had prayed that we would just be able to enjoy the time together and not think about what was coming. And God so graciously answered! We had a great time...

To start - Jonathan proposed to Brantley on Friday night :) What a celebration we all had! From the Warren side of this - we are all extremely happy. Brantley is such a blessing. And there is no doubt that Jonathan is crazy in love with her! And I will let the Robersons speak for themselves - but I love how they all love my boy! They have accepted him in their family...that is something that we have prayed for all of his life. Well... enough about that for now. I am sure that more will follow in the next year as plans are made.

We went back to Hattiesburg on Wednesday, Sept 19th. We had a send off picnic by the lake on Thursday. We said our good-byes. We hugged. We cried. Hard. Harder than I can even express. Only those who have walked this road before us understand. Makes my heart skip a beat just thinking about it. Hard. It was a long drive back to Alabama. Very little spoken.

Oh, now don't get me wrong. We have a peace. We have assurance that he is in God's hands. We know that God is not at all surprised by any of this.

So - we are also relocating our church this same week. The final move. We get back home running (on empty). So many details to finish for the open house and the first service. So many people helping - but much that only we can do. In our exhaustion, we work all day on Friday (after returning from Mississippi) until about 12:30 a.m.

Saturday morning - still much to do before the open house at 2:00 p.m. I would like to tell you that I always have my quiet time before I leave the house - but I am afraid that is not true. But somehow, even in the rush to get things finished, I knew that I must sit with my Savior before I left for the day. I knew that many would be there for us and that many would be asking how I was doing. Some would really want to know - others just ask because that is the thing to do. Regardless, I knew that I would have to answer. How do you answer that question... How am I doing? I would not have the time in three days to tell you all that is going on in this head and heart of mine. I had to have an answer. As I sat to read my Bible and meet with my precious Lord - I ask Him to meet with me there - and that I was not getting up until I had a Word from Him for my day. In my daily reading (where I was for the day) I came to Psalms 73:26 "My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever" That was it - my rock to hold on to for the day. I quickly wrote the verse on a small piece of paper - and put it in my pocket. And literally all day, when someone would ask how I was doing - I would put my hand in my pocket and squeeze the piece of paper - and tell them, "I am holding on". Holding on. That even when my flesh (I was so physically exhausted) and my heart (hurting so bad) may fail - God Is the strength of my heart and He is my portion forever. Holding on.
Thank you Father.

We made it through the day. Holding on. It was a wonderful service at the new building on Sunday. And this morning, Jonathan was able to call from Kuwait. He is there - settling in and doing fine. One day closer to coming home. :)

Holding on.


JustJessie said...

Oh, Ms. DeeDee, my heart goes out to you so much. I cannot begin to imagine what you're feeling. I can't even let my boys out of my sight in public yet. It absolutely breaks my heart to think of what you must be feeling right now. Aren't we so blessed to have a Savior we can trust? It helps so much to know that whatever happens to our children has been his plan from the foundation of the earth. We're still praying for you all.

Tricia Schmid said...

Hey DeeDee
Thanks for sharing how God ministered to you thru His awesome Word. I just love the Word of God and how if we will just sit down and dig into it God will meet us there and speak to us just what we need to make it thru the day. And by the way, Bible study Sunday night was absolutely wonderful! God's anointing was on you in a powerful way, it seemed that Jesus Himself was oozing out of you onto all of us there. Thank you for ministering to us even in and thru the hard, tough times of your life. You are truly a blessing to me! Love ya! Tricia