Wednesday, October 24, 2007

More Photography

and the learning continues....

Our first question this week, was "Could you please give us some tips on how you take pictures of an almost 18 month old?" When she just laughed.... we knew that this was not just drama for us.

I really wish you could see us - well, no, actually I do not! Up until now, all I wanted was just cute snapshots. And I have succeeded to get some. But, when I know that I have to take samples for the entire class to see, and when I know that they will be critiqued, and when I am supposed to be getting certain angles, certain lighting.....etc.... all of a sudden our Precious Aubrey does not want to accomodate. It is as if she knows we are trying hard - and she is avoiding the camera. When she sees us coming, she turns her head or runs away.

It was a scene. I was laughing so hard I could hardly see through the lens. I finally reached the point that it really did not even matter any more - I was just snapping pictures and hoping that with the editing that I can do - I would come up with four decent ones to take to class.

Regardless, I am having fun....and I really do think it will be much much much better when I get the new camera. At least then, I can zoom in and she may not even know that I am taking her picture.
More to come.... :)