Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Photography Class

If you read Jenifer's blog - you already know that we are taking a photography class together. Last Tuesday was the first - so this week we have had to take close up pictures and work on simple backgrounds. Of course, you know that means lots of pictures of Aubrey. I will show you the samples that I took with me on Tuesday night (Homework) Our teacher does not want to see all 32 pictures that we had to take - (I cannot imagine why???) We are to just bring 4 to 6. I am sharing four with you.

My first critique was to turn the date stamp off - if I want them to look professional.
Then there is the issue with my small camera. Can I make myself wait until Christmas for an upgrade?

Hope you enjoy! You can watch my progress as I learn more about real photography - not just point and shoot!

The photography is amateur - but the subject is straight from heaven!


JustJessie said...

Oh, how fun! I took a photography class ages ago, and I've had my notebook out, trying to re-learn some of it. You're doing great!!
I know what you mean about the camera, too. I want a nicer one SO badly, but the one I want is about $1000 at Costco, so I think it'll have to wait a little while! We have too many boring things to do with our money (like gutters, pool safety covers, etc.) I have to keep reminding myself to be thankful for the camera I have, especially since it's less than a year old!

Dana said...

nice shots and a very cute baby! happy ww

Jeff Keith said...

I am lookinf forward to seeing your progress! You have a great subject (she is beautiful) God Bless!