Friday, October 12, 2007

No Greater Joy

The Apostle John says in III John 1:4 "I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth."

Somedays you just have those "No Greater Joy" Moments. That is what I am feeling today.

Joy just watching Julia grow in the new role that God has given her as a wife to Ronnie. Seeing her display His image and reflect His glory in her home, through her work at church, in the words that she so beautifully writes on her blog and encourages us all in our walk with our Lord. Pure Joy for this MOM.

Joy as I read Jonathan's blogs and see what God is doing in his life on the other side of the world. Knowing that he is in our Lord's hands - and growing. Learning. Becoming the Man that God wants him to be. And he is stretching us all to think about our own lives and where we are in our journey. Joy unspeakable for this MOM.

Joy as I watch my Jenifer as a wife to Andy, mom to our precious Aubrey, and working so diligently at our church. She is bringing Glory to our Lord by her life. She is fun (as always) and growing in each of these roles so beautifully. She keeps me on track:) So Much Joy for this MOM.

Joy Joy Joy - more than I could have imagined - for God giving us Andy, Ronnie and Brantley. You are who I have prayed for all these years - and are treasures to this MOM. Your lives bring honor to our Lord and You are Joy to me! You bring Joy to me!

Abundant Joy even at her young age, as Aubrey chooses her Kid's Praise DVD's over Veggie Tales :) - She is soooo cute. She dances with MommaDee as we sing Praises to our Lord - and raise our hands to say "Thank you Jesus". (She thinks it is "touchdown" - but her crazy MommaDee shouts "Thank you Jesus".) I can hardly wait to hear it from her little voice. JOY - ABUNDANT JOY for me!

And there are more...

Because you see, "I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth," also applies to those who have been a part of our lives for these years.

Joy as I look at Jessie's blog and read of her journey. It is a delight for me - to read of her life with her husband, Keith and their two precious boys. She is honoring our Lord and that gives me - "No Greater Joy".

Joy as I listen to Nathan's songs that are posted on his myspace page. He is serving our Savior and God is opening up doors of opportunity - What joy to this Sunday School teacher!

Joy as I talk to Jessica and hear her heart toward the ministry with Billy. God has wonderful things for the two of you - and I have JOY just watching.

Joy as I meet with my Women's Ministry Team - and see them so willing to use their gifts and talents together with me. So much more is accomplished because they serve beside me. You ladies bring me joy.

And there are more....

I will have a new label added - No Greater Joy. And I will update this role call of Faith along the way.

I have NO GREATER JOY. Keep on keeping on my precious children. You have given this MOM Joy - Joy - Joy - more than I could ask or think.


Anonymous said...

And you are a JOY to all of us who know and love you! How wonderful it truly is to have a mother-in-law who is so loving, caring, and understanding...but most importantly seeks to do the Lord's will in all things.


jreinhardt said...

Mrs. DeeDee, thank you so much for all of your help, prayers, and support as Billy and I begin this new stage in our lives and in ministry. It is so exciting, and yet I know when the excitement fades and reality sets in, I'm going to have some hard days ahead. I love you and Bro. Hal and all of my family at Calera Bapt. so much. The mere thought of leaving brings a knot in my stomach. I will miss you all so much! Please know that you have meant so much to me these last 8 years and that I am walking away with MANY lessons on faith, womanhood, and finances. :) Thank you for being a good example of what the Lord can do when a life is surrendered to Him. You truly are a JOY to me. Love you!

JustJessie said...

Thank you so much for your sweet words, Ms. DeeDee. It gives me JOY to be able to connect with you and Julia again through our blogs. It gives me hope as well, to see your children all grown and in love with the Lord. Part of why I come here is to learn from someone who has finished the job I'm learning to do right now.