Friday, April 11, 2008

My Younger Brother

Happy Birthday Paul!

Just some thoughts for today...

First of all...It was so good to have you and Susie and Matthew here with us for Easter this year. I think that may need to be a tradition!

We don't get to spend much time together - but just like I told Danny - that doesn't mean that I don't think of you - often! And I have many special memories.... that come to my heart and mind.

So again, I think I may just list a few...

I remember :

  • when you were born and they brought you home from the hospital. I was only 6, but I was so tickled to have a baby brother. You were a beautiful baby.
  • Mom teaching you that your name was "Precious Paul Bishop".... and when we would ask you- and you replied in that manner - Daddy would say "No... Rotten Paul Bishop". You were such fun.
  • Being able to "keep you" in the summer after I turned 12. I was so bossy! I think I really thought I was part mom...and I did love you so. I guess it was just practice for when I had my own.
  • The night that Hal asked Dad and Mom if he could marry me - and you were so shocked!
  • You coming to spend the night with us in Birmingham and the three of us going grocery shopping in the middle of the night.
  • You and Phillip Dean coming to our home... we all had such fun together.
  • Really, anytime that Hal was not going to be home, you would come and spend the night at my house. I guess I thought you would protect me huh?
  • Your diving accident when we were camping at Wind Creek. You scared me to death!
  • Hal and me and Julia moving to Texas to go to Seminary. That was so hard. Hard on you. Hard on us. I can still see your face the day that you all left for the long drive back to Alabama. It was so much harder than we could have ever imagined. You were my brother and Hal's brother-in-law... but you were part of our daily life and you were our friend. Maybe we should have just kept you with us. I felt like it at that time. It was hard leaving any of the family - but I think leaving you was the hardest of all. Once again, I felt like you were part mine :)
  • Realizing how much I had "bossed" you when I had Jonathan and would sometimes slip and call him "Robert Paul!" That is when he was really in trouble. You know, a parent will call you by your name.. and when you get the full name - it is serious.. So Jonathan went from Jonathan to Jonathan Daniel to Jonathan Daniel Warren to ROBERT PAUL! That was really serious!! LOL
  • Being there when Matthew was born. Children really are a precious gift from God. So glad that we could share in that special time with you.
  • All of the fun times together at Christmas... we are such a crew! The pictures - the videos - the fun gifts - and even now the Dirty Santa! We always have such a good time!
  • Us all being together at the hospital the week before Dad died. Even though it was a really hard situation... it was still so good for us all to be together.
  • And then me, you, and Danny standing with Mom as we all said our final good-byes to Dad.

Life is busy - too busy most of the time. But I want you to know how much I love you and miss having time with you. Maybe we should make more effort...

Regardless...... thank you for many precious memories....

Have a wonderful birthday, Paul. I love you!


Krista said...

That was very sweet. You made me cry though. Have a fun Friday!
Love you!

Mitzi said...

That was so sweet....Made me cry too. Knowing Paul and knowing you and then reading the special moments between you is very heartwarming....Happy birthday Paul!