Thursday, October 8, 2009


I am on a journey. To re-establish certain disciplines in my life.

It is somewhat surprising to me how easy "lack of discipline" can creep into my life. In a lot of areas. One leads to two, two leads to three...and on and on and on.

So, in my journey, I am taking on one at a time. I decided to start with my weight. That is a good example of the "creeping" that can take place. Five pounds quickly turns into ten, and ten can become twenty - and on and on and on. Suddenly - or not so suddenly - I find myself 25 pounds more than I should be. I decided that I did not want it to be 30 next year and 35 the next. So... discipline # 1. I am almost at my goal. I have actually reached my first goal, but am still working on the "ultimate" goal. And I can tell you - I feel much better. It is amazing how much better your body functions when it is not having to carry around the excess weight.

I have several more items that I intend to get back in order:
Consistent Bible Study time.
Consistent Exercise.
Order in my home.
Reading. (I have a ton of books just waiting on me to read them)
Writing. (I have several dreams/goals that I want to address here)
Even more consistency in my blogging.

I decided that I would be so overwhelmed if I tackled all of these at the same time. So, with the first one almost completely under my belt (a much smaller belt I might add :)... I continue the journey as I pick up another discipline.

I will share more as I accomplish a goal or two.

Do you want to join me on this journey. If so, tell me which area you are working on. I will pray for/with you and I covet your prayers too.

A disciplined life is a productive life. And knowing that I only have this one life - I want to spend it to the best of my ability for the Glory of God. Disciplines help me accomplish such.


Real Life Encouragement from Angie said...

I can agree with all you have said. Since I am facilitating a Financial Peace at Work class, I have been putting a lot of focus on finances (the 7 Baby Steps) and it feels great. I started working on simplicity at home when we moved at the end of June. We complicate our lives by having too much stuff. Having less is so much better. It's like being on vacation when it's time to clean the house. Less stuff, less mess! Still a long way to go. Thanks for sharing!

Angie Dean

Linda said...

I have never been really good with discipline. But when I am it has been wonderful.

For instance,...I have lost 50 pounds several times in my life! (Need to do it again)

Quiet times alone with me and the Lord goes great for a time and then for whatever reason it gets sidelined and it is hard to get back with the program.

I find it much easier to stick to the routine when I am doing devotions each morning/day with my husband, because we remind each other that it is time for devotions.

So, I hear what you are saying, and I too need to get it together!

I have been sick for over two weeks and I am feeling weak. But with God's help I will be strong!

Love, Linda @ Truthful Tidbits
P.S. I think of your dear son and know that he is forced to be disciplined to complete his daily duties in the war. Praying for his safety! And for you to have peace and not to worry about him.