Wednesday, April 14, 2010

In His Arms...

From today's reading in the Word - a very familiar passage - and yet with a vivid picture to me today for Brandy and Micheal... and for sweet little Abigail.

"Let the children come to me, and do not hinder them for to such
belongs the kingdom of God."
Luke 18:16

The picture that first comes to mind is when our Savior was walking on this earth - and on this particular day - He stops and takes time to let the little children crawl into his lap. He RECEIVES them. He loves them. He has time for them.

But then I had the picture of my Savior receiving this precious 2-year-old into His arms. Literally.

While the hosts cry Hosanna,

from heaven descending,

With glorifed saints and the angels attending,

With Grace on His brow,

like a halo of Glory,

Will Jesus receive His own.

(Horatius Bonar)


Meredith said...

Teary eyes and thankful for a Jesus who does recieve his own!! Amen and Amen! Praying for your family....

Kelly @ Sufficient Grace Ministries said...

Such a sweet beautiful girl...what comfort to know that Jesus receives little ones with loving, open arms...just as He holds sweet Abigail.

He is the only comfort for a hurt so deep...I am so sorry that your family is walking through this great sorrow...