Friday, November 16, 2007

My Big Brother

Happy Birthday Danny!

Just some thoughts for today...

We don't get to see each other very often. But that does not mean that I do not think of you. I have many special memories.... that come to my heart and mind.

I think today I may just list a few...

I remember :

  • sitting on the steps in Oldfield and both of us having the hiccups and trying to sing. Then laughing our heads off.

  • falling on my bike (the really large scar on my knee) and you helping me to clean it up and putting bactine on it.

  • going to Wind Creek every AEA (that is what we used to call Spring Break) and going swimming no matter how cold it was!

  • watching you play baseball.

  • you pitching a perfect game! I was so proud!

  • cheering for you on the PACKERS - and going to Panama City for a "bowl" game -(or for some reason - lol!) Regardless... I was cheering you on!!!!!

  • us both going to Birmingham to spend a week with Damon and Johnny in the summer (swimming in the pool in the park behind their house)

  • and then going back to Larry's/Cindy's for you and Martha's/Buddy's for me (swimming at the pool at the apartment complex down the road)

  • Larry spending the entire summer "watching" us when we lived on the Old Rockhouse Road.

  • Fishing at the pond behind our house - or maybe I should say - you fishing - and me watching!

  • Our pony

  • the family camping at Wind Creek.

  • going with our youth group from the church for a day at the lake. You and I were sitting on the cable that marked the swimming area.... and there was a storm coming and the lightening flashed in the distance and we both felt the shock on the cable and took off for the shore. You waited on me.

  • The "Quarry Stompers" - Danny, DeeDee, Donnie, Peggy, Sam, Mikey, Mike, Gray - remind me - who else?

  • the tree house - the double decker- and you guys trying to keep Peggy and me didn't work. We enjoyed your hard work :)

  • camping out in the front yard - Peggy and me in the camper - You, Donnie, Sam (and probably Gray and Mike too) in a tent. You guys could build a good camp fire. And then you tried to scare us. Boys will always be boys huh?

  • you coming to pick me up from a JV ballgame - and some "bully" big guys had scared me.... and when I got in the car and told you about it... You took off around the block to go back and take care of them for me. I had to BEG you to just go home.

  • you shaving your beard for my wedding (that was the last time huh?). Just because it did not look like my big brother to me - yet :) Then you paid for my pictures.

  • you helping us move from Birmingham back to Sylacauga. We looked like the "Beverly Hillbillies" moving on that flatbed truck. And your Dodge truck loaded down too! ha!

  • helping you do all of your Christmas shopping on Christmas Eve. (Julia has continued that tradition with Jonathan - or maybe I should say - Jonathan has continued that tradition with Julia)

  • cutting your hair, especially those times when we would come home from Texas - and I would trap you in that little bathroom - and cut away - and talk your ears off.

  • being there with you at the hospital when Stephanie had her wreck and then watching you take such good care of her as she recovered.

  • coming to the Golf Course - for Creative Memories - and loving the time to visit with you.

  • the family pictures at Christmas (along with yours and Dena's videos - I still think we could win some money for some of those!)

  • "Can you hear me?" - just watching you guys have such fun with your presents!

  • being at the hospital for Dad's last surgery and the week that followed with us all in the waiting room.

  • me, you and Paul standing with Mother as we said our final good-byes to Daddy.

And there have been many many more - So - today - as I tell you Happy Birthday - I also tell you thank you. For many special memories. For always knowing that you were there and that you still are just a phone call away. I love you more than I think I can even express. And I am so thankful for the wonderful storehouse of memories that we share. We are so blessed!

I love you Danny!

Hope you have a wonderful day!