Monday, June 23, 2008

She Speaks Conference

Oh my goodness!!!!

I was one of the ladies who did not register when I first heard about She Speaks. And it filled up within 3 weeks. So, I added my name to the waiting list.

On Monday of last week, I received an email that there was an opening but that I had to make the decision and register THAT DAY.

So, I did what a good wife should do.... I called my husband and just simply said, "Hal, I have the opportunity to go to this conference but I have to make the decision TODAY! So, will you pray and tell me if this is what God wants me to do?" He just laughed at me and told me that I SHOULD PRAY AND SEE WHAT GOD TOLD ME TO DO. He would support me either way. What a honey... So, I did the next thing. I quickly sent an email out to my "heart friends". What did they think? Would they PLEASE pray that I would have wisdom. There were many issues of the weekend that had to be dealt with - if I decided to up and leave. (I will spare you from the details) So, I prayed. And hoped for some input from someone. You know there is wisdom in Godly Counsel. One precious friend just responded and told me, "It seems like God has opened the door...go through it!"

That was the confirmation that I needed. I had the support of my husband. I knew I wanted to go. I had prayed just that morning that if God wanted me to go that only He could open the door. A precious Godly friend confirmed. I was on my way! I was SO EXCITED.

Now I must confess that on Thursday, as I was trying to finish packing...I was so discouraged. I even told a friend and prayer warrior that I wished I had not even registered. Once again, God used a friend to remind me that the attacks were probably even more confirmation that God had wonderful things in store and that the enemy wanted to discourage and/or even stop me from going. She said that I needed to go... and learn... and bring back what God had taught me. She said.... "GO AND GET FILLED UP!" Oh what a special blessing to have Godly friends.

And needless to say.... there is no doubt that God showed up. For me, personally. For the 560 others who were there. It was a God-filled, God-honoring conference. Thank you to the Proverbs 31 Ministry Ladies (and other conference leaders) for all that you did. You truly were vessels in our Lord's hands.

On Saturday afternoon, as I was waiting for my second "Speakers Evaluation Session" (that is a story in itself), I called my husband. He asked how it was going, and I just told him that I felt like my head was about to EXPLODE. Information overload. My head and my heart were overflowing with ideas, information, encouragement...not only for me personally but also for my ladies back at home.

So, today my prayer is that I will be able to process the information and to apply what needs to be applied. To my life. To my ministry.

Thanks to my wonderful Godly Husband (I LOVE YOU SO MUCH)
Special "kuddos" to my friends who were there for me - first to make the decision and then to be encouragement for me not to back out.
Blessings to Proverbs 31.



Krista said...

I can't wait to glean from your overload. You should spill over into the rest of us! Come visit my blog; haven't heard from you in a while and I am a comment junkie! :)

From reading so many blogs about the conference today, it sounds like it was wonderful.

Love you,

Darlene said...

I am looking forward to hearing everything you learned. Glad you had a wonderful time!

See you in a couple of hours for Heart Friends.

Tricia said...

I am so glad you had a wonderful time, and I am so humbled that God used me to help confirm that you were to go... thanks for considering me a Godly friend...


Anonymous said...

I am so glad that you went and that God filled you up! And now He is going to use you to transfer the vision that He gave you for our women's ministry! Our God is awesome! Can you believe I left a comment?!