Saturday, July 19, 2008

100th Post

So I have been told that on the 100th post - I have to post 100 random facts about me.

Not sure if I can ...
but since I am a "rule" follower - I will try to go by blogland rules...

1. I am almost 50.
2. I don't feel like it (most of the time)
3. I color my hair - every three weeks.
4. I am tired of doing so.
5. I had enough gray hair before I graduated from high school - that I had to move my part to hide it.
6. I was 17 (almost 18) when I married my high school sweetheart.
7. He is still my sweetheart.
8. I was a cheerleader in high school
9. I was head cheerleader my senior year.
10. I have three children.
11. I had two miscarriages - therefore I have two more children in heaven.
12. I have two sons-in-law.
13. I will have a new daughter-in-law (on August 2nd.)
15. I have one precious granddaughter.
16. I have a new grandbaby on the way!
17. I am only on Number 17 and I am having a hard time.
18. I must lead a boring life
19. I hope to write a book one day.
20. My new favorite fruit is fresh cherries.
21. Even if they cost 4.98 a lb.
22. I like having my nails done.
23. I absolutely LOVE a pedicure.
24. I love me some "Chicos" clothing (but only on sale - a GOOD sale)
25. I love teaching Ladies Bible Studies.
26. Hal and I have been in ministry for 32 years.
27. We have been here in Calera for 13 years.
28. We bought our first home here in Calera.
29. We had been in "pastoriums" prior to here - (or one was a rental property)
30. They were always nice - but there is no place like your own home.
31. I played the piano at our first church.
32. It was sad.
33. That is not my calling.
34. Years ago - "preacher's wives" were supposed to play the piano.
35. I did not fit that mold.
36. In our second church - I worked with preschoolers- until my home was filled with preschoolers.
37. Then I began a ladies class.
38. I found my calling.
39. Exhortation is my primary gift - and I love my ladies.
40. I learned alot about studying the Bible from Kay Arthur and inductive studies.
41. My Hal is my pastor - and the best preacher I know.
42. Even if I was not married to him - I would want him to be my pastor.
43. He has taught me more than anyone on this earth.
44. I love doing "Beth Moore" studies.
45. I usually take a "pre-bedtime" nap on the couch.
46. I wear contacts.
47. I don't take them out like I should.
48. I love the beach.
49. I love going to the mountains too.
50. But only in the fall/winter.
51. I liked camping when I was younger.
52. Now, I like staying in a nice Condo.
53. I could use a vacation now.
54. But there is no time for it.
55. That is the problem.
56. Life is too busy.
57. I like football season.
58. Alabama football season
59. The title of my blog is true.
60. I Have NO greater joy - than to know that my children walk in truth.
61. Or the opposite - is there any greater sorrow than when they do not ?
62. We homeschooled our children for 12 years.
63. 9 were good years.
64. The first three - I nearly killed us all.
65. Then I quit "schooling at home" and started "home-schooling."
66. There is a difference.
67. On this side of it - I would not trade those years for anything.
68. It was the absolute - HARDEST thing I have ever done.
69. And the most REWARDING.
70. I bought too much curriculum.
71. I have kept some of it for illustration point.
72. I paid 13.99 for the + - X / flash cards. (each) - from ABEKA
73. My children's children's children will learn to add, subtract, multiply and divide with those cards.
74. Or I will just keep them till Jesus comes back.
75. I love to take pictures.
76. Jenifer and I took a photography class.
77. She has started a photography business.
78. I am her "trusty" assistant.
79. What fun.
80. I get to spend time with my daughter and take pictures.
81. Then I send the SD card home with her - because she edits them.
82. I have the easy job.
83. I love having people in my home.
84. I guess one of my gifts is hospitality.
85. I always fix too much food.
86. I would rather have too much than to run out.
87. I used to worry about the "worn- out" carpet.
88. I decided that people don't care about the carpet - we just need fellowship.
89. So, I vacumn or clean it again - and open the doors.
90. My daughters really are my best friends.
91. I always wanted that.
92. I usually talk to them every day.
93. Even if it is just for a little while.
94. They call me.
95. I love it.
96. I don't exercise like I should.
97. I am trying.
98. Today, life is good.
99. If tomorrow is not - I am still secure.
100. Because of my relationship with my Savior. He will be Lord of tomorrow too.


Tricia said...

Hey DeeDee
That is great! I missed the 100 point, so maybe I will do 150 or 200, I will have to see...

our visitors should be here in a little while, 12 coming to visit, 6 spending the night... I cooked break and bake cookies and bought salsa, spinach dip, and coffee cakes at Publix!! Thank God for Publix!!

Darlene said...

Great 100th post! Mine is approaching. I don't know if I can think of 100 things. LOL.
I can't believe you were able to post this Saturday with everything that was going on with Kids Kamp!
What a great weekend!
Yes I am so glad I can say that even with a toothache!

Thanks for all your support!!

Mitzi said...

Wonderful post. I am a long way from 100 and at the rate I am going lately, it will be quite a while before I get there. I had to comment on the fruit. I had never tasted a fresh cherry until about a month ago and I too am hooked. To me there is none better. It is neat to learn things about someone through these posts. I love it....

Krista said...

I enjoyed your 100th post! What fun that was, I bet. Ha. I need to see when my 100th is coming up. I need to secretly work on the list now so that when I get to that point, I will have something to post. I can't think of 13 things!

Love you,

Anonymous said...

Those are great. :)
Congrats on the new grandbaby! I want another one SO badly, but I really just want a little girl, and since there are no guarantees, I don't know if I can risk it.

I wish I had known you had such a hard time your first three years of homeschooling. I was so mean and stressed out, that I just couldn't stick with it. I was afraid Grayson and I would hate each other at the end of it all.

Amydeanne said...

Nice to get to know you a little better!!! :)

Jenifer said...

Wow! You did good. I don't think I could come up with 100 things about myself. Nice to get a glimpse inside who you are.

Have a blessed day!

Gayle @ thewestiecrew said...

Hi Mrs. DeeDee,
I found your blog through Krista's, so I popped on over.

I don't know if you even remember me since we have only met a few times, but I just wanted to tell you that your post was encouraging to me. So encouraging, because I think I am you about 20 years ago.

Hope that doesn't sound too weird. :)

Anonymous said...

OK. Number 16. I have been patiently waiting on one of your girls to spill the beans on their blog, but no one has. (And I want it to be Julia!) The suspense is killing me!!

Julia said...

Not me! must be the other daughter:)

Lynnette Kraft said...

That was fun to read. I really enjoy reading these 100 things about people.

My favorite one was the one about homeschooling. Boy can I relate!!! Too funny! Home schooling should never be public schooling at home, but I think that almost all new homeschoolers think that it should be. It takes building confidence to feel free to explore.

After 14 years, I definitely get it now - but some days are still REALLY difficult. You're right it IS HARD!!! (But very rewarding!)

You ARE a neat lady DeeDee. I knew you were already, but this list just proves it. :)

Linda said...

Dee Dee, This was great. You are one special lady and I LOVE knowing you better each time I read a post.

Stop on over to my blog and read my list if you get a chance.

Have a good weekend!
Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

Kelly @ The Beauty of Sufficient Grace said...

Loved learning more about you on this 100 post. I did my own...even though I haven't reached 100 posts yet. I just wanted to join in the fun. Blame Lynette! It took awhile. I don't exercise like I should either. I'm trying, too. Awesome that you homeschooled for 12 years...and been in ministry together for so long...and have such a special relationship with your children. We were married young too. There are blessings to that! Loved reading this, DeeDee...thanks for doing it!

Love you, sweet friend...