Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Answer to the Clutter Question

Thanks for your responses to my clutter question...

But in reality - the only thing that I really needed to do was - Just sit down and DO IT!

That is not work that anyone else can do for me - I just have to take the time and dive in.

Reminds me of another area of my life too... EXERCISE.

I think this will be the topic of another blog.

But for today - I am still decluttering.

Love you gals!


Krista said...

I hear you! Just do it (like the Nike commercial). I need to do some decluttering too. And I have your outlook on exercise and diet to; so for the last several weeks, I have been very disciplined. Maybe we'll see some payoff soon!

Doing it,

Darlene said...

Sometimes we just have to take the time and do what has to be done.
On the exercise thing. I hear there is a group meeting at the park and walking I hear that Tim is the coach and is pushing these ladies to work hard. I may go next week after Kids Kamp is over.
Maybe you can come join me.