Thursday, July 17, 2008

Tool Party

As I type - there is a large group of guys downstairs ...

They are here to give our Jonathan a tool party (shower). I love hearing the laughter and celebration taking place ....Man Style.

The groomsmen are giving the shower -and since Hal is the "best man" - he sorta took the lead. I kept asking him questions like, "have you ____? or are you going to ___?" He would just look at me and ask - "Do you want to do this?" Well, no. But I wanted to make sure that it was done correctly. He told me this was a MAN'S party. It will not be like one of the ladies' showers or teas.

"Ok - I give up. Do it your way."

But now, I am afraid that there is not enough food.

I am wondering if I could slip into the kitchen and put some more in the oven.

Nope - I will let them handle it.

But one last thought- What do I do about pictures. We have to have pictures. And a sign in sheet. Oh me - guess I am headed downstairs. You might be able to do without more food - but I cannot let the night pass with out pictures.

I will let you know if I got thrown out LOL Maybe I will post pictures.

Fun - Fun.

Celebrations - MAN STYLE.