Saturday, November 22, 2008

My First "GIVE-AWAY!"

I am so excited to be able to host my FIRST GIVE-AWAY!

(*** note- I will announce the winners on Monday, Dec 1st***)

Megan DiMaria, author of these two books, has graciously supplied two books for me to give away!

I must confess that I am not normally a "fiction" reader. But I have already finished the first book and am well on my way into the second one. Once I started reading, I could not put it down...So, I want to recommend them to you.

So, for this Thanksgiving week, I will leave this post up, and here are the details of how to register:

* Leave a comment - One register
* Tell me where you are from - One register
* Add your name (and your sweet picture) to my list of followers - One register (if you are already there - tell me so)

Looking forward to hearing from you this week - make sure I have an email address so I can contact you!

This is SO exciting!
Thanks Megan!

Oh.... and Have a Happy Thanksgiving with your precious Family!
I will have lots to share next week!

(for a listing of other give-ways see Scribbit.)


Leah said...

I'm registering for the giveaway. Leat at The Point from Georgia and I'm already following your blog!!!

Tammy said...

Woooo, DeeDee!! I'm from 'Bama. And I already follow you, sister!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Becoming Me said...

How fun! I'm Angela from Becoming Me and grew up in PA and now live in GA. I already follow you.

Megan DiMaria said...

Thank you for sharing about my books with your blog readers, DeeDee. I'm glad you're enjoying reading them.

Have a great Thanksgiving!

A prisoner of hope,

PS: My publisher, Tyndale House, is doing a promotion to give away books to book clubs. If you're in a book club, visit my website for details.

Juicebox Mom said...

Hi! i'm orinally from NY! thanks

Tricia said...

Hey DeeDee
I am excited that you are having a giveaway! You know where I am from, and I am already a faithful follower!! Have a great day!


Rebekah Sanders said...

How fun! I love hosting giveaways! Glad you have your opportunity to host one!

I'm Rebekah from small town Illinois - originally from not so small town Wisconsin.

And I'm about to go follow you through blogger - although i already follow you on Twitter!

Laurie Ann said...

This is Laurie Ann from Mississippi, already a follower (hint hint). These look like great reads! Awesome giveaway! You are too sweet.

Melody said...

Okay, so I'm trying this again from my real computer! You know I already follow you, so that's done. You already know that I live in Texas, so that's done too. I am now leaving a comment. I think I'm done (er, finished...I always told my students, "Turkeys are done, people are finished" :))

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

Oooh, fun! I'm from NM, and I have been a follower of yours for awhile. :)

Just Me'n Mine said...

Hey DeeDee, it's me, I'm from Daphne, I've been following you since before you ever blogged your first word (that sounds almost creepy - hee,hee.)And I am officially a blog follower too.

I do hope we can do Starbucks next week. Hmmm, Thursday is Thanksgiving, Friday is shopping, that leaves sometime Saturday well before The Game. Whatcha think?


Darlene said...

I am excited about your first give-a-way! I am from Alabama and I am already following you.

These books sound like great reading!

Carolyn said...

Thanks so much for offering this great giveaway, and Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. Glad I found your blog.

carolyn s

ceashark at aol dot com

Carolyn said...

Thanks again for offering this giveaway. I am in Florida

carolyn s

ceashark at aol dot com

Carolyn said...

I am a follower. Lead on...

carolyn s

ceashark at aol dot com

Danielle said...

These look like fun books! Congrats on your first giveaway- I want to do one but just haven't gotten up the courage yet...
I grew up in Tennessee, lived in Beautiful Logan Utah for 6 years and now in Oklahoma.
And now I'm off to be one of your blog followers for my third entry!

Mitzi said...

I may not be blogging but I am still following. I am from 2 of the same places you are.......

silverhartgirl said...

I love books. I am Jessica from Iowa

Susan said...

I'm Susan from Florida and I'm already a follower.

This sounds like a fun give away.


:-) Susan

Alexis said...

Hi DeeDee!
I love books! This is a fun giveaway... I'm from Oregon - as I think you already knew, and I'm a follower too!