Thursday, November 6, 2008

Traveling Light ...

I am writing this from the plane on the way to Port Charlotte, Florida. We are going to be leading a marriage/parenting conference this weekend.

And I feel a need to tell about our adventure this morning. Remember when I confessed about being a pack-a-holic? Addictions die hard. I really tried to plan well for this trip. I did.

I mentally went through each day and decided what I would wear. I only planned to take one extra outfit for an emergency – or a change of plans. I really scaled back on the book bag – since I wanted to bring my computer with me. I would only take the books that would fit in the computer bag. I was so proud as I went to bed on Wednesday (even though it was around midnight!) ** Note, Scripture tells us that pride comes before the fall**

When I got up this morning at 4:00 – and started getting ready to leave… The panic set in.

I just had to add one more jacket, two pair of capris, two more shirts, another necklace and pair of earrings. The new outfits demanded another pair of shoes. And there were a couple of other books that I HAD to take. We ARE leading a conference. I really must have what I needed with me.

So, that lead to the dilemma of the suitcase not zipping. No problem. We are allowed two checked baggages. I would just get another one and quickly rearrange a few items.

And we were on our way…and I still felt good about my preparations. A little panic, but nothing major … right??

Arrived at the airport just a few minutes later than we (Hal) desired. The parking deck was extremely full. It took forever to find a parking place, and when we did… we had to walk a LONG way to the terminal. Time was ticking quickly. We get to the ticket counter, and the screen says it is too late for checked baggages. WHAT?? The attendant says she can get it through. Then we are told that we are only allowed one checked baggage each. The other two would cost $50.00 each - $100.00!!!! WHAT AGAIN????

We quickly decided that one suitcase was small enough to be Hal’s carry-on. At least we would reduce the amount by $50.00... That is – if the credit card is credited correctly…


We made it to the plane – just barely. And now as I am riding, I am just hoping that the luggage did in fact make it. And if not… I will really have an interesting story for you, huh?

And I thought I had done so well. I really did.


Laurie Ann said...

Praying your luggage arrives with you....Yikes!

Tammy said...

LOL! My husband happens to be our over-packer on trips.

I hope to not read about your luggage not making it.

Have a great conference!

A Stone Gatherer said...

If it doesn't make it humm... could it be God saying "did you really need that clothes anyway!" LOL! Hope the conference goes well!

Leah said...

Traveling is HARD work!!! No way around it. It is just plain hard. I did it for a living for a short while and then got wise and decided I did not like it.

Hope your weekend is awesome!


Lady of Value said...

Praying that the rest of the weekend will be a blessing to you! Hope all is well with the luggage, I overpack as well! You just never know what will happen, right?

Fran said...

I CANNOT wait to hear how fabulous GOd was at the conference!!! Praying for you! :)

Many hugs,