Friday, January 23, 2009

A Little Accountability

Ok friends -

In our family when the children were growing up - and we needed to discuss something (good or bad), we would have what I called, "round - table discussions." Hence, our kitchen table is round.

So, today, I am calling for a round-table discussion with my bloggin buds. Maybe even have some tea. (I am not drinking many latte's since my ordeal last weekend - or I would offer that too)

I have a counter on my blog. Therefore, I was able to see that on Tuesday, the 20th - I had 129 visits. That is wonderful. What I want to know is how many more of you out there are doing the New Testament read through with us and just not commenting or blogging about it?

See, only 5 joined us with a blog, and only 6 made comments.

So, a word of encouragement. Last week, with my hospital stay and such, I was behind on my reading. On Monday, I was able to read and catch up. Really with not much time involved. Now, that is not the way that I desire to do it. But just to say that when you need a catch-up, it is relatively easy to do.

I knew I was accountable to you all to have a post and a "Mister Linky" ready. :)

Here are my thoughts... to encourage. If you are reading with us, could you at least make a comment to say: I am reading - Here is one of my favorite verses from this week. And then just share with us one verse from the past week's reading? I think we would all enjoy seeing how many different verses JUMPED off the pages of God's Word to us so individually, and personally. It would also help with the whole accountablity thing for this year.

Then the ones who have more to share - can post their blog and link with us.

What do you think girls? Game?

Since I post my blog on Monday evenings - my readings are from Tuesday - Monday. Here are the passages for this week:

20-Jan - Psalms 8-9
21-Jan - Luke 15
22-Jan - Luke 16
23-Jan - Luke 17
24-Jan - Luke 18
25-Jan - Psalms 10-12
26-Jan - Luke 19

Look forward to hearing from YOU on Tuesday Together in the WORD. With a blog and comment, or just a comment. We are all in this together. For OUR good and HIS glory!

Oh... and the new button is coming!


Laurie Ann said...

Great idea, DeeDee! I had no idea so many people were hitting! This is great!

Tricia said...

I think that sounds like a great idea! Have fun this weekend... we are praying!