Monday, January 12, 2009

Tip for the Day: Don't Leave the Car in "D"

Good advise - trust me.

Here are the details:

I went by my daughter's house to pick her up (and the grandbaby) to take to lunch. It was cold. I decided that it would be a good idea to just leave the car running so that it would be warm when we got back in.

Bad idea.

Evidently, I just left it in "Drive." I DID put the emergency brake on. Little good that did, huh? The car did not move as I got out - or as I walked around the back of it - or even for the first few minutes that I was inside the house.

All of a sudden - there was an awful sound - like the house was falling apart. Or maybe like a car was coming THROUGH the garage. Yep. That was it. I ran out the front door to see who had hit me.

There it was. My car - IN the garage door. I think I said something like, "Oh, no...How did this happen? Did I leave it in Drive? I LEFT IT IN DRIVE! How did I do that? What in the world?"

I cried.

Then I had the thought... "Wonder if this will let me get the (freckled) hood of my car painted?" At least then, something good could come from this fiasco. Oh NO... the hood is fine. No scratches. No evidence of driving THROUGH the door. No... it just crunched their garage door.

I just looked up the definition of "fiasco" to make sure that it was the right word. This is one definition that I found: Some effort that went quite wrong. Boy is that an understatement!

Now, we have talked to our Insurance man. And we are calling our Repair man to see how much this little "lapse in whatever" is going to cost me.

Is there a lesson to be learned here? Yep.

Don't get out of a car that is still in "D". Trust me.


Leah said...

Bless your heart!! How frustrating!


Lady of Value said...

Oh no! At least no one was hurt, and the damage looks minor compared to what it could have been.
Don't you just hate having to go home and tell your husband when these things happen!?

Shelby said...

Thankfully no one was hurt and, even though you don't get a paint job out of it, at least you also don't have to be without your car!

A similar don't? DON'T work on your blog in the middle of the night.... I did that last night with disastrous results!

stay at home mom said...

oh my goodness! I'm glad everyone is okay!

Lily said...

I'm so sorry that happened. At least it was your daughter's house and not someone else's. Daughters are required to forgive their moms for the goofy things they do.

BTW maybe you should have your emergency brake looked at too.

Michelle C. said...

Oh Dee Dee- I am right there with you. OK, well, not me, but Lee. At our old house in Meriweather he parked his big F250 in the driveway that slants up hill a tad and he was just running inside for a few minutes and when he came out the truck was gone. His first thought was that somebody had stolen it. Then a kind guy said "is that your truck" and pointed across the street where it was hidden in the trees in the woods. Thankfully we lived across the street from woods and not houses. However it had to roll backwards across a main street and into the woods where it was covered by trees and all you could see were the headlights peeking out!

beckyjomama said...

MmmKay then - good to know!!!

I am just glad you are all ok :)

Mitzi said...

Oh no! I am glad no one was hurt and there was not anymore damage.
I am sure that the look on your face was priceless when you walked out. Kind of like the look I had when I locked the car doors and got out at Calera Elem Fall Festival then realized that Matt had gotten out just to take his jacket off and never cut the ignition off. The keys were locked in with it running and I am sure my face was priceless when Matt tried to open the door to put his jacket in....Ooops!

Jenna said...

Oh no!!! Girl, could have happened to anyone! And your heart was in the right place!!!

Darlene said...

This happened to my mom with my nephew in the car...the car hit the front of the church.
So glad that everyone is okay!!


Tricia said...

You have made me laugh today!! I know it was not funny to you and still may not be, but it made me laugh!! Glad everyone is ok!


Laurie Ann said...

OUCH! I'm so sorry! Bless your heart!

Anonymous said...

This may seem bad now but about a week ago my neighbor and I just happened to be outside doing yard work, and a jeep crashed though another neighbors kitchen. It was a real big mess and they are having to re-built the side of there house. It could always be worse.

Susan said...

Oh no!! I am sorry to hear this happened, but so glad that everyone is OK. It reminded me of when my DS 4 was 2 and playing in my DH's car. Suddenly, he threw it in reverse (with no keys in it) and went flying backwards down the driveway---wrecking it and my stepmother's car on the way.

These things are flat out scary...

Blessings to you!

:-) Susan

Tammy said... least no one was hurt! Right?!

Just Me'n Mine said...

Oh, DeeDee!

I am sorry, I know that really upset you! You were just deep in thought about the fun yall were getting ready to have. You are such a sweet Momma and Grandmommy (I know that is not what Aubrey calls you but I am drawing a blank....Mimi? No, that's not it.), wait....Momma Dee? Mom Dee? I'm getting closer, I can feel it.
Anyway, I too am glad you are all okay!

Meredith said...

I'm really so very glad that no big or little ones were hurt during your "fiasco"!! How frustrating. I hope you were able to actually enjoy your lunch afterwards, but I'm guessing you didn't. I know I wouldn't, and I would probably beat myself up the rest of the day!!:)

A Stone Gatherer said...

I had a moment like that once. Fortunately for me if moved as I was getting out, so I caught it sooner! Glad no one was hurt!