Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Tuesdays Together (#18)

Welcome to TUESDAYS TOGETHER (in the WORD). I am so glad that you have joined us.

Our goal/purpose is that we are reading God's Word and we are sharing with each other a "nugget" of what we are learning. Join with us - at any time. We welcome your comments and/or your thoughts of what you have read and/or your link to your blog post. You do not have to be a "blogger" to join in on the encouragement and sharing together.

This week our reading (as posted on the sidebar under the button) was from 2Peter 3, Psalms 39-41, Proverbs 10, Galatians 1-3

In the midst of this week, with all that it held for our family... I was able to talk. Just not normal. And it was an effort to talk. So, I thought about what I wanted to say before I said it. Since it was such work.... I intentionally made the words count. Does that make any sense at all?

And I have to admit - that many times I did not say anything, just because it was not easy. Which means that I also had a lot more time to think - even in the midst of an extremely busy weekend. An extremely emotional weekend. More about that later.

Here is the passage I share with you today:

Psalm 39: 4-5

O LORD, make me know my end

and what is the measure of my days;

let me know how fleeting I am!

Behold, you have made my days

a few handbreadths,

and my lifetime is as nothing before you.

Surely all mankind stands as a mere breath!

So, during my quiet moments... whether in a crowd or not. I have been thinking about my life. My days. I am 50 years old. Life is fleeting... a few handbreaths. I want my life to count for the Lord. What is the measure of my days?

This goes along with my previous post about pruning. I want to be pruned. Because the end result of pruning, is more fruit is produced. There are many things that can really consume my time and energy that will keep me from doing the "best" things. Many things can keep me from becoming all that God wants me to be. Many things will keep me from doing all that God wants me to do. I am seeking to be sensitive to the Spirit as He speaks to me about each area.

I have edited this post several times to take out the "our" and the "we". This is about me. If it applies to you... you will have to make the application.

Do I dare even try to list a few? This is not to say that any of these things are bad... just that they have the potential of pulling me away from the best. (I almost said "us")

Computer time...Television... Books...Friends... and the list could go on... but you get the idea.

If I truly want to be mindful of my days, and how fleeting they are... I need to examine how EACH day is spent. I need to evaluate. I need to prioritize. I need to pray.

And I intend to...

Once again I say... "Speak Lord, for your servant listens!"

Now, your turn.

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Kelly @ The Beauty of Sufficient Grace said...


Thank you so much for this heartfelt post...full of truth! I have been convicted lately about the same things you spoke of this morning. And, I am seeking the Lord for balance of priorities...seeking Him for His best. So many times I miss out on His best because I'm distracted by the "other things"...the busyness of the days...the stuff that shouldn't have priority over the things that matter. Let's pray for one another in this area of our lives. He is faithful...

Love and Prayers,

Jennifer said...

So glad I finally am able to participate today - I love these Tuesdays Together! There are so many things that Satan tries to use to drown out the voice of the Lord....noise, noise, noise!! I always want to be able to hear His voice..

Great thoughts this morning. Have a wonderful Tuesday!

Rosie@Home and Heartwork said...

Hi Deedee,
That scripture spoke to me too. I've been thinking about the same thing. I'm putting my link to my blog here in the comment since I don't have a google blogger account. (I couldn't figure out how to do it anyway! Maybe the kids can help me figure it out later.) http://4ugod.com/blog/?p=1328 Thanks! I really do like sharing scripture and reading what others have to say!


Laurie Ann said...

DeeDee, I love how the Lord has spoken to you and what you've shared here today. Pruning is something I'm going through now. It hurts but will be beneficial in the long run!

Meredith said...

Time stealers and priorities. I have been struggling with this over the past few weeks. I have thrown away several of MY to do lists lately. Thank you for reminding me I am not the only one who deals with this.

Linda said...

Dee Dee, I can so relate to your voice issue. I had nodules on my vocal chords and had to be silent for six weeks. This was many years ago, but I remember it well. It was so hard not to talk!

But also it was doable,...it just took concentration and discipline. (Ha,..as if that was easy!) Everytime the phone rang I started to answer it, but then I would suddenly remember I wasn't able to talk, and I would have to let the machine get it.

I had to take that time off of work and my boss wasn't pleased with that, but I couldn't sell diamond rings to people if I couldn't talk.

I did get to enjoy reading and I spent time in God's Word, and I also read many books during that time. That was a treat and a blessing! It was also a time of rest.

I did get to go over to see the grandkids, but my daughter had to keep reminding me not to try to talk to them. And the list goes on and on. I needed gentle reminders along the way.

I could go to church and just listen,...but I couldn't sing. (Just in my heart) And as people greeted me I would have to smile and mouth the words that I couldn't talk.

Little by little I got better and the doctor released me and I was able to talk again, AND, I didn't require surgery. I was so thankful. (I still have issues, but they come and go).

Over the years I have had many episodes of not being able to talk,...but none as bad as that time. So, you see Dee Dee, I can kind of understand a little of what you are going through.

I am praying that God will take care of you and bless you during this time. From what you have said in a couple of your posts, He is even teaching you new things along the way, as you are walking down this path in your life. And you are drawing close to Him as your refuge, and your strength.

He is such a loving Father isn't He? Always working things together for our good. Even things that don't seem good at the time.

He loves you so very much, and so do your family and friends. Just remember that as you recover, and as you look forward to the days ahead when you can sing praises to His name once again.

I didn't have a computer way back then, but at least you can type out your thoughts and share your heart with others! That's a blessing too.

There are always blessings to be thankful for huh? ~smile~

Lord,I thank You for sweet Dee Dee, and for her service to others. I know I have been blessed by her as she shares with us what You are teaching her!

Help her through this time of illness by Your Grace. Please heal her, and continue to bless her, and her ministry.
In Your Precious Name I Pray.

Love, Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

Lady of Value said...

DeeDee, sorry I did not participate this week; it has been rough and I am trying to get caught up on everything else. Will try it again next Tuesday!

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

What a great post...I will be coming back to read more.

I hope you will stop by and visit me. The May give away has started....and next week I will be blogging from Disney World.

Alleluiabeiie said...


This was a great post. It is a hectic world and one needs a true sense of balance and priorities. I've been struggling with that for a while now...so I've been seeking Him too to find out what His balance is for me, obviously He always comes first!

Love you,