Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

Mom… Momma… Mother…what ever you may call her – the very word brings immediate thoughts and memories to your mind and heart. So today I want to share with you about MY Mom... how she reflects the Heart of our Heavenly Father. There are many ways but they all are rooted in the fact that she has spent a lifetime “sitting” at the feet of our Savior..

Interestingly, her name is Mary. How fitting.

Early memories are of Mother taking my brothers and me to church with her. Dad was not a Christian (yet), so this role fell in her lap and she took it very seriously. Not only did we go, but we were very active. Worshipping our Savior with our church family was a priority in her life. She did not just take us – she went with us. She wanted us to “sit at His feet” along with her.

At home, Mom had her quiet time early in the morning before her day started – and we were witness to it. I can still picture her sitting at the dining room table with her Bible in front of her and a pen or marker in hand. Many times, as we would come into the room, she would be praying. Mary would be “sitting at His feet”…even when there was much work to do.

As I entered the teenage years, our church had a vibrant youth ministry. We had the privilege to travel and sing in many churches in the Southeast. Mom was a youth sponsor. I shared her with approximately 100 teens from our church. She was a teacher, counselor, and prayer warrior for us. Many of the youth who came through that ministry will testify of the influence of “Mrs. Mary” in their life. She loved us – taught us – cried with us – disciplined us – fed us – prayed with us – prayed for us. She wanted us to grow in our relationship with Christ – to sit and learn from the Master, and then to live a life that reflected His Image. She led us there.

Then Mother had the precious opportunity to lead my Father to Christ. He also had watched her live the life that she professed. She literally loved him to Christ. On that particular day, Dad left the house to go to work, only to come right back to the table where Mother was sitting. She was reading her Bible and praying. He told her, “Mary, I want what you have!” Now, this was not the first time that she had shared her faith with him. She had many times in the past. But on that day, when the Spirit called him, Dad came back in the house for Mother to lead him to her Savior. What a beautiful testimony. She gently took a gospel tract, went through it page-by-page and then led my Dad in prayer as he accepted Christ as his Savior. Once again, she had been “sitting at His feet” when Dad came through the room.

Even in her work, she has been bold in sharing her faith. She was (and still is) a dental hygienist. We have often joked with her about getting all of those instruments in the mouth of her patient and then with a captive audience –sharing with them about her Savior. Many patients have asked her to pray with them even before they leave her room. She lives what she believes. She is a reflection of the very Heart of God and people are drawn to Him through her life.

My earthly Father died several years ago. I have observed her grief. Scripture is true that says, “we do not grieve as those who have no hope” (I Thess. 4:13b) and I have seen that blessed hope in her. As Mother has moved into the role of a widow, I have witnessed the beauty of her faith and the evidence of her walk with her Savior.

Mother sold her home and moved to the city where I live. She is active in our church with us. Her ministry has changed. She was a Sunday School teacher for as long as I can remember. She has taught many women’s classes. She has mentored more than I can count. But as she moved into our church, God literally placed her in a vibrant prayer ministry. Knowing she was a prayer warrior, many would come to her with requests. She began keeping a prayer notebook. As someone would share his or her request with Mom, she would write it down.

She is now 70 years old. She still rises early – she says it is when God wakes her up. She prays through the notebook daily. She keeps notes. She stays current on the requests. I have had many come and tell me, “I am number --- on Mary’s prayer list!” We have even had people to call my husband (the pastor) and tell him a specific request – only to have them say – “Will you also ask Mary to pray and put this request on her list?” We love it!

So as I look at her life… I see a mom who took her children with her to church. I see a youth leader who taught, mentored and loved many teens. I see a wife who lived her life in such a way to lead her husband to Christ – literally. I see a teacher who has taught many how to “eat at His table”. I see a widow who has found comfort in letting our Father in heaven be a “husband to the husbandless”. I see a prayer warrior who consistently and faithfully intercedes for many.

Mary truly reflects the Heart of Our Heavenly Father. She has spent a lifetime sitting as His feet and learning from Him. I am so blessed to call her Mom.

Oh, and by the way, her best friend’s name is Martha. Really.


Son, Brother, Fiancee, Friend, Soldier said...

I know of one prayer request she will so be able to mark off her list as answered!! Psalms 91. My mamaw has prayed that chapter of the bible, for my and my company, every day since I was mobilized to go to war. I know you have prayed that and many others every day also! and In one week I will be back under your wing per say.

I love you mom, Happy mothers day.

Darlene said...

This is a beautiful tribute to your mom. She is a very precious lady. I am so glad that I too am in her notebook and I know that she prays for me and my family daily. That is such a comfort to know that on days when I feel to overwhelmed with life that someone is praying for me.
She is always smiling and when she sees me she so quick to give a hug and encouraging word. CBC is blessed to have such a great lady in our mists.
Thanks for sharing her with us!!

Tricia said...

What a blessing you have in your mother!! She is precious and I am privileged to know her, Jesus just radiates from her.

I pray you have had a wonderful Mother's Day!

Mitzi said...

Wow. What a great tribute to your Mom. I too am on her prayer list and know that she is faithful in praying. I love your mom and Jesus just radiates from her. I had tears in my eyes again as I read this. Sweet tears. It is great to know such wonderful Godly people.

Jessica R. said...

I, too, am blessed by your mother. I feel so humbled and thankful to be one of those in her prayer book. There are some days when I just know that Mrs. Mary must be praying for me. I know the Lord has answered her consistent prayers this semester as I made the long trek to school each morning. Not once have I fallen asleep...a miracle all by itself. Thank you for sharing this tribute to your Mom. :)

Angie said...

DeeDee...this made me all out cry. What a dedicated heart for Jesus! AND to be able to lead your life mate to HIM!!!

Thank you so much for pointing us here today!

Happy Mother's Day dear sister!

Kelly @ The Beauty of Sufficient Grace said...

What a beautiful post about your beautiful mom...thank you so much for sharing it.

A Blessed Mother's Day to both of you!

LisaShaw said...

Your precious Mom is a true Christian with a heart to serve and touch others for God's glory. I was deeply touched by this. Bless you!