Friday, May 2, 2008

No time to Blog

Ok... I really do not even have time to be writing this...

But I at least want to tell you what is brewing in this blogging mind of mine and what is hopefully "coming soon".
I need to blog about Julia's birthday. My First Born. (a belated birthday blog)
I need to blog about Aubrey's birthday. My First Grandbaby. (hopefully before it is late)
I need to blog about Jenifer's new photography business. My Baby.
I need to blog about Jonathan coming home. My Soldier. My Son.
I need to blog about Jonathan and Brantley's wedding planning. So exciting!
I just need to blog.

Jonathan keeps telling me to just sit down and write. Not word and re-word. No planning ahead...just write. That is not my style... and not even sure if I could do it. (just to let you know Jonathan - I posted this blog and have already edited it three times! ! !)

Maybe that will be a blog soon too. Maybe it would help with my "blogger's" block. That along with some time.

Speaking of time... checkout out our other blog to read my thoughts about that.

Have a wonderful Friday!
Hopefully - there will be some other blogs soon!