Friday, October 24, 2008


My dad was never at a loss for words. When he did not know the correct word or could not think of a word - he would just make up his own... We began calling those words - "PaPaw-isms".

I will try to give a few examples...

---instead of Highway Patrol - he would say Highway Control.

instead of UFO's - he would say PQR's
(go figure that one - I guess he just knew it was three letters)
and as I re-read this before posting I also want to explain - not that he ever saw an UFO - just when he talked about it. Oh.... the more I try to explain -the worse it gets -LOL

---instead of "I am going to relax" - he would say "I am going to exlax". :)

---He had a hard time saying "Hal" for some reason... so he just call him - "hoot". (or Pope)

So,the cycle of life continues.

Our precious Aubrey (now 2 1/2) does the same thing. And I love it.

---I told her I was taking her to Pottery Barn..... later she wanted to go to "Barn Door". No hesitation - no thinking about it...
I guess in our home-Pottery Barn has a new name.

---When we go to Cracker Barrell - she really likes the hushpuppies. She will tell you - I want "puppie doggie".

And there are more - but I just can't think of them right now. (for both generations)

Maybe I will update some more later.

Those are the times that I miss my Dad so much. I would love to pick up the phone and call him to tell him the newest "Papaw-ism" that Aubrey has just said. It would have tickled him so much.

It has been seven years since Dad went to be with His Savior. Seven years since we heard some of his "-isms".

Until now...

Now, the grand-baby carries on the tradition. And I have a feeling like this is just the beginning.

To be continued...


Jenn said...

Aww, I love the things little ones say.

Rena Gunther said...

How sweet! This makes me think of my dad ("Poppy") and his cliches. I thought he made them all up, but many were common.

He, did, however, invent several of his own. One of my favorites...

"Don't worry 'bout nothin', 'cause ain't nothin' gonna' be alright!"

Meant to be taken lightly.

My sister and I have even talked about posting on these...think we will.

Praying you'll find sweet moments of joy in as your grandbaby carries on this characteristic of your father.


Krista said...

That's precious! We call my dad's old sayings "bawbaw-isms". I do miss him so much! I catch myself saying some of his -isms without even thinking about it. I will think about it after the fact. Aubrey has started something and I'm sure it will get passed down to her baby brother!

I wasn't feeling very well Wednesday night. :( But I did my chapter and even finished my homework for a change! Of course, I missed the fellowship and the discussion, which is the best part. I'll be back next week.

Love you,

Jenifer said...

How sweet! My grandmother has her own unique vernacular. For instance- mermaids are merry-maids and everything ends with an 's'; Wal-marts, Targets, etc...

Gotta love her though! Blessings!

Laurie Ann said...

What a precious post. I'm reminded of my grandmother's 'ism's. She "valcums" instead of vaccuums, she wears "pantyholes" instead of pantyhose, she shops at "Walmark" and "KMark" and at "Fred". She loves when someone "holpes" "helps" her. I'm sure there are more.

Oh, how I loved this post!

Darlene said...

I love these precious! I am sure it brings a big smile to your Mom.
Have a fabulous weekend!

Debra said...

Dee Dee,

My Dad does the same thing ~ he calls hush puppies "shut em up dogs". I thoroughly enjoyed this post because I could so relate to it.

Hope you have a nice Saturday ~ Blessings to you, sweet sis!

Cathy Nagle said...

Hi DeeDee,
I appreciate your comment on my blog. Please tell your son there are many people who feel the way I do and we highly respect him.

In reference to your blog post; I've experienced those special, comforting touches from the Lord like you've described above w/r to your father and grandchild. I rejoice that we will once again be reunited with our loved ones.

In His Love, Cathy :o)

A Stone Gatherer said...

Aw... done you love genetics! It's been 18 years since my dad went to be with the Lord! He has never met my husband or children! I miss him too! There are many things I would love to talk to him about! Thanks for sharing your papaw isms!

Fran said...

I bet he knows exactly what she's sayin! :)

Just precious.

Tricia said...

That is just too cute, I love the cute things that kids say...