Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Survey # 1 ----- For Wives ----- RESULTS

Here are the results from my first survey.

What says "I love you" to you? Your top three needs...

69 % --Communication (Talk to me)
65 % --Acts of Service (Help me PLEASE!)
48 % --Physical Touch (Hold me)
43 % --Sincere Praise (Words of Affirmation)
35 % --Security
7 % --Gifts

4 % --Quality Time

I am not sure that the quality time is accurate since I forgot to add it to the list... and then had to ask you to respond by comment if that was one of your top three. Since many come and read, but do not comment - this may have been a higher percentage if I had originally added it to my list. (Sorry)

Regardless, I am a little surprised by a couple of these... and not so surprised by others.

With all of the counseling that we have done over the years - it is no surprise that Communication is on the top. So often that is the first thing the wife will say. She needs her husband to talk to her ... and then to LISTEN. Communication. So vital to a relationship.

Then look at this comment... "It is interesting how few are motivated by gifts - or they are just not being truthful. A tiny little (I was just thinking about you today) gift tells me so much." I personally knew this would not be the top one, but I am really surprised that it is so much lower than all of the others.

Another cute comment ... one who said that quality time was her top need... said, "acts of service is for the birds." LOL.

I must respond to that one - since this is very high on my list - It means sooooooooo much to me for my husband to help me. And he knows it. :)

Which leads me to the next thought - it is so very important that your husband knows. And that brings us back to the top on our list - COMMUNICATION. So tell him, wives. It will be good for you both. Plan a date and talk about your needs - both of you. (Then go see the movie)

Interesting stuff...

Thank you all for responding. I am adding these results to my notes for the Marriage/Parenting Seminar that we are preparing.

And I will have another survey posted soon... but just do not have it ready yet. Life really is too busy, isn't it?


Lady of Value said...

Yes, communication is top priority at my house too. Acts of service and a hug now and then help too.

Laurie Ann said...

Communication is like 75% of it for me. I need the other, but in smaller doses. With communication, the others fall into place, KWIM?

Krista said...

Physical touch for me...I need a hug every single day twice a day!

Great post!