Friday, October 10, 2008

"Yes" to God Bible Studies (Chpt 4)

You Never Know How God Will Use You Until You Let Him

This week we studied chapter 4.

And once again I have a quote from Lysa to share with you:
(pg 70) "I am a woman on a journey of learning how to make sure my reactions don't deny Christ's presence in me. I am a woman who says yes to God not because my emotions and reactions are always perfect. No, I say yes to God because He is perfectly able to forgive me, love me, remind me, challenge me, and show me how to weather trials in ways that prove His Spirit resides in me. I remind myself often that people don't care to meet my Jesus until they meet the reality of Jesus in my life."

Anyone who has ever been in one of my classes for any length of time has heard me say that I really believe that the World is looking (longing) to see that Jesus makes a difference. A difference in our lives, in our homes, in our relationships, in our attitudes, in our dress, in our choices. "...the reality of Jesus in my life."

So, we say Yes. Not on our own strength... (Ps 84:5) Blessed are those whose strength is in YOU. We take HIS hand... and we choose to obey. Obey the whatever that HE is calling us to do. What is He speaking to you about? What is He compelling you to do? To obey?

So, we say Yes. No Matter What. Just like Shadrack, Meshack, and Abednego. We know our God is able to deliver... to save... to heal... to mend... to "whatever". BUT IF NOT, I will still serve Him, BUT IF NOT, I will still Praise Him. (Ps 84:4) Blessed are those who dwell in your house, ever singing YOUR praise.

How will God use you? How will God use me?

OH, that the world around us may truly see the reality of Jesus in our lives....

as we say YES, GOD...


Jill said...

AMEN DEEDEE! We are the ONLY bible most of the world may ever see. We must show that we are truly His - by our love for another, by our peace that come from Him, by the power of His grace to endure whatever is going on in our lives and by our faith that will not be shaken even when what we see seems impossible - because we know that we know - NOTHING is impossible for the LORD!

Have a great weekend!
In His amazing grace,

Lady of Value said...

I so agree with Jill, we are the only Bible most of the world may ever see. I too believe that being a Christian should make us different than the world in our attitudes, the way we talk and dress. My husband and kids watch my every move; how I react to things. So it is with the world, they see that you are a Christian and they watch to see your witness, whether it will be honoring to God or worldly. We all need to say Yes, to God because only He is able to give us the strength and Grace to live daily. "My Grace is sufficient for you..."

Have a good weekend! Did you get my email?

Jenifer said...

Great word, my friend. May we be Jesus to a lost and dying world. And, may we say, "Yes Lord!", no matter the cost.


Michelle C. said...

I'm working on it. Slowly but surely. Thanks for the encouragement. Your classes are wonderful. ALL my friends that I invited to come and singing your praises, the book's praises, but most of all our Savior's praises!

Cathy Davis said...

sorry for the randomness, but I tagged you!

Fran said...

Love it!! I couldn't agree more...people need to see more than just "having" Jesus...they need to see Him making a HUGE difference in our daily lives.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post. I needed this. I'm going to say YES, next time my 4 year old protest she doesn't want to go to AWANA'S....I will say "YES, you are going & so is Mommy" - thanks for the encouragement.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mrs. DeeDee. I am just catching up on reading some blogs while I watch the Bama game. I am challenged and encouraged as always when I read your blog. Thank you for being the mentor and friend to me that you have always been for the last 9 years or so. I appreciate (and use) the lessons you have taught me on nearly a daily basis. There is no way to measure the impact your ivestment in my life has made and will make.

Much love,