Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Information Overload (for Me and my GPS)

Do you ever find yourself talking to your electronic devices? i.e. computer, tv, gps?

I do. It is as if I think they will straighten up and work correctly with my verbal prompting.

Today I share my latest ordeal.

After the She Speaks conference on Sunday, I had the opportunity to go to and visit with my daughter and son-in-love. They only live a couple of hours away from the conference site. They also were sharing about their recent trip to Ecuador on Sunday night at their church. It was good to visit with them and hear their story about their trip.

On Monday morning, I pulled out the loyal GPS. I went to "favorites" and programed HOME. Easy enough. Two items needed when this woman is traveling alone: my cell phone and my GPS.

But before officially beginning the 8 hour drive, Julia and I were going to eat breakfast. She went ahead to order our Chick-fil-A, and I stopped at Starbucks to get our latte's. This meant that I was ignoring my sweet GPS. I knew the way to Starbucks, I knew the way to Chick-fil-A, and then I would pay attention to her directions once I was officially on my way home. And just to be honest, I am somewhat amused at her insistence when I get off route. "When possible make a U-turn". "In 600 feet, if possible, make a U-turn." And if I get off route far enough, she will start the "recalculating...".

Evidently, my sweet GPS has stored our trips. Even the off-route portions.


I got back in the car from Starbucks and this is the message that I was given:



So I did what I do when my computer starts mis-behaving.... Shut down.... Restart.


Now what? I have already had to buy a NEW SHINY RED Blackberry on this trip. (since mine died). I have already bought a new purse on this trip, since my handle broke. I ABSOLUTELY REFUSE to call Hal and tell him that I am stopping at Best Buy to get a new GPS before I come home.

So, the discussion with the GPS begins. Seriously.

"Ok, sweetheart, I completely understand. I am in information overload too. But here is the deal. We have to get home. And I need you. So, all I want you to do is just remember the route home. That is all. We will figure out what to do with all of this information that has you overloaded when we get there and can get some rest. Surely there is a way to sort through what needs to be stored on here and what can be deleted.

I am doing the same thing, so I completely understand. I have more information in this head of mine from this weekend than I know how to handle. My plan is to get home and begin sorting through... see what I need to keep....see what I need to file away for a later time....and see what I need to delete.

But today the simple goal is to just get home... and I need your help. So will you just co-operate? Please and thank you."

Then I turned off. Un-plugged. Restart. There she was. Once again telling me how to get home.

OHHHHHHHH thank you so much...

They (who ever "they" is) say that it is ok to talk to yourself as long as you do not answer back. I wonder what "they" would say about talking to your GPS. She does answer back sometimes.

Sweet Blessings my friends...sweet blessings..


Tanya said...

How funny DeeDee. I can just hear your sweet little voice just a talking away to your GPS. I needed that smile on my face. I am glad you made it home safely and that you had a wonderful trip. God bless you!!

TIFFANY said...

That is so funny! I, too, have been known to talk to my GPS. Sometimes we disagree about which is the best way to go. I have learned that TomTom usually knows best. :)

Tricia said...

Too funny! So glad you found your way home!


Linda said...

Hi DeeDee, I am so glad that you got home safely, whether you and the GPS were on overload or not! God was in control!!!!!!

I can totally relate to talking to things when they don't work,...or like when we call our cars Betsy and Nellie etc., and beg them to keep on the road in an ice storm or a blizzard or a rainstorm! Ha!

But it is God who we need to be talking to without ceasing,...and sometimes I forget this. (:>)

I am glad that God always understands me and that He forgives me over and over again.

Anywho,...thanks for the cute post.

Love ya,
Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

Jennifer said...

Really funny - and I didn't even know they could get that way?? Should I be worried?!? Glad you had a chance to extend your weekend!

Melissa, Multi-Tasking Mama said...

That is hilarious and I am so thankful she started cooperating. I named my GPS Trudy. It helps to at least talk to an object that has a name LOL

Kelly @ The Beauty of Sufficient Grace said...

Love this...and love you!!!

Thanks for the laugh this morning! One of my dear teacher-friends always said you have to sweet talk the computer and printer...introduce them to one another to get them to work together. I thought of her when I read this post! =)

Love to you...

Beth.. One Blessed Nana said...

Too funny - i knew there was a reason why I don't have GPS!

Meredith said...

I'm glad you had a good trip, would love to hear more about the conference. Your story made me laugh this morning. Making it home with good directions is always important!!:)