Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tuesdays Together (#12)

Welcome to TUESDAYS TOGETHER (in the WORD).

I am so glad that you have joined us.
Our goal/purpose is that we are reading God's Word and we are sharing with each other a "nugget" of what we are learning. Join with us - at any time. We welcome your comments and/or your "nuggets" of what you have read and/or your link to your blog post. You do not have to be a "blogger" to join in on the encouragement and sharing together.

This week our reading (posted on the side bar) was from I Timothy 6, II Timothy 1-4, Psalms 27-31.

And as much as I love reading and studying Timothy... I am coming to you again this week from the Psalms. I am sure that some of you will have some things to share from Timothy... I look forward to reading...

Psalms 31:19
"Oh, how abundant is Your goodness,
which You have stored up for those fear You
and worked for those who take refuge in You."

Psalms 31:21
"Blessed be the Lord,
for He has wondrously shown his steadfast
love to me."

Interestingly, this week's chapter for our Theology Reading Group was "The Pleasure of God in Doing Good to All Who Hope in Him." (John Piper/ The Pleasures of God). So I have just come home from discussing these thoughts.

Here is another verse to go with these two:

Zephaniah 3:17
"The Lord, your God,
is in your midst,
a warrior who gives victory;
He will rejoice over you with gladness,
He will be quiet in His love;
He will exult over you
with loud singing."

WOW... Just think about what those passages have to say...

God's goodness toward us.... stored up for those who fear Him.

He shows His steadfast love to us.

He even sings over us...

I ask, as John Piper did... Can you imagine what it would be like to hear God sing?

Have you ever even thought about it? And then to take some time and read this passage again and see that He is in our midst... He rejoices over us with Gladness... He will exult (feel extreme happiness or elation) over us with singing.
I am resting with these thoughts for a while. Trying to wrap my understanding around them. But one thing I know... It is good.

Now, your turn.
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Kelly @ The Beauty of Sufficient Grace said...

Thank you for these beautiful verses, DeeDee. There were so many great ones that spoke to me this week. It was hard to choose. I love the verse you shared from Zephaniah also...it's one I share often with our youngest son, James. A beautiful promise...one that I cannot fully wrap my mind around...to hear our God singing, delighting in us???? Wow...

I really enjoyed our Tuesday reading this week. His Word sustains, restores, directs, encourages, renews, strengthens and fills us with His peace...

Bless You, Sweet Friend,

Meredith said...

I have often wondered what God's singing will be like. My own speechless response is a sure thing! Beautiful verses!

Tricia said...

To hear God singing... I honestly do not think I have ever thought about that before. I have thought much about what it will be like to join in the singing in Heaven, but I never thought about God singing. Thanks for sharing that!


Laurie Ann said...

I'm so glad you shared this, DeeDee. To imagine Him singing over us...a purer voice would not be found. And to know it's because He loves us and is exceedingly happy with us? Amazing. I am reduced each time I think of it. We've been doing this 12 weeks already?! Wow!

Lady of Value said...

Blessings to you today!

Anonymous said...

I am so glad that the Lord lead me to this site today and prompted me to join in. I have been so blessed by these Scriptures, and by the hearts of you dear ladies.

The Goodness of the Lord is upon them that fear Him.

Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

Susan said...

This week I've hovered in the promises of Psalm 34. It has been a sweet salve of comfort to me and to a friend. I love what you've shared here.



Mrs.Naz@BecomingMe said...

Oh those verses are so profound and beautiful, thank you for posting them.

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I will be back later to read more of yours.

Blessings to your Mom.